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Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 2
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Pokemon Moon Black 2 Beta 3 Hall of Fame Fix

Pokemon Rocket Strike

Name: Pokemon Rocket Strike Remake by: AmazingCharizard Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red Region: Kanto Description: Status: 100% completed So what’re the differences to Pokemon FireRed? Here’s a little list: -Play on the side of Team Rocket! -Catch over 380 Pokemon, most of them catchable before the Pokemon League! -Slight evolution changes for a few Pokemon: …

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Pokemon (Old) White

Name: Pokemon (Old) White Remake by: foullump Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red Region: Kanto/Johto Description: What’s so special about this game? I. In the beginning, your character, the protagonist, is a student at a place called West Academy. This place is a school to teach young people the art of Pokémon. The setting is the …

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Pokemon HarvestCraft

Name: Pokemon HarvestCraft Remake by: Quil09 Remake from: Pokemon HarvestCraft Region: Hoenn Description: Story21 years ago, Pokemon lived in harmony in the woods. The Pokemons there were ruled by the Pokemon Trevenant. One day, A group of people came and started cutting trees and building houses. There was no left home for the Pokemons. The …

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