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Update:Pokemon Emerald Enhanced v5
Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 2
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.
Pokemon Moon Black 2 Beta 3 Hall of Fame Fix

Pokemon Christmas

Name: Pokemon Christmas Remake From: Pokemon Gold Remake by: Mateo Source: Click here! Description: This is much more than a simple graphics hack to add snow. This game takes place the same year as GSC, just later in the year. It assumes that the events of GSC (the radio tower take over, magikarp being forced …

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Pokemon XY Naturia

Name: Pokemon XY Naturia Remake From: Pokemon Gold Remake by: Chamber_ Source: Click here! Description: Selection of protagonist by gender, like as in Pokemon Crystal only with the protagonists of Pokemon XY. Redesign Pokedex. 138 “new” (replacement) species of pokemon from all regions . Replacements are based on design and/or qualities/features of each Pokemon. Example, …

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Pokemon Red ++

Name: Pokemon Red ++ Remake From: Pokemon Red Remake by: Mateo Source: Click here! Description: This is a hack created using the pokered disassembly from the users at Skeetendo. The goal for this hack is to serve as an updated version of Pokémon Red. It aims to eventually fix most (if not all) of the …

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