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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.1.5.7
Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0.1.7.3
Pokemon Sword v1.1.0 + Expansion Pass Pack 1 and 2
Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Vol.1 Beta 15.4

Pokemon Fire Red: Origins

Name: Pokemon Fire Red: OriginsRemake From: Pokemon Fire RedRemake by: Django117Description:Features:All 150 1st gen pokemon catchable in Kanto.LeafGreen and FireRed locations for all Pokemon.All Johto Pokemon catchable in the Sevii Isles.Evolutions from later gens available: Yanmega, Sylveon, etc.Fairy TypeWorking Mega EvolutionMega Evolutions for Pokemon from Gens I and IIRival, Giovanni, Sabrina, and Elite 4 all …

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Pokemon Uranium

Name: Pokemon Uranium Platform(s): RPGXP Created by: Uranium Team (JV & Twitch) Source link: pokemonuranium.org/ Description: Pokémon Uranium is a fangame made in RPGMaker XP. Story Pokémon Uranium takes place in the Tandor region, a tropical land which is home to more than 100 unique species of Pokémon. The player must capture as many different …

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Pokemon Thunder Yellow

Name: Pokemon Thunder YellowRemake From: Pokemon Fire RedRemake by: FeatherDescription:– 100% faithful to Pokémon Yellow.– Pikachu will follow.– GB Player (Music Player Gameboy)– Sprites from Pokémon Yellow re-modeled.– Possibility to get Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.– “System” Pikachu happiness.– Anti Jessie & James.– Wild Pokemon and coaches were changed.– New sprites for trainers and gym leaders.Screenshot: …

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