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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Fakemon Fire Red Completed
Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition Completed
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.1.7.1
Pokemon Eternal X v2.65
Pokemon Gelb


Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Name: Pokemon Infinite Fusion [Pc Game] Create by: Schrroms Source: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=347883 Description: Two years ago, Team Rocket has introduced Pokefusions into the wild. Ever since, Pokemon Fusion have become widely used by trainers and the economy of Kanto has been blooming. However, Team Rocket appears to also be wanting to use Pokemon Fusion technology for …

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Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie & James Edition

Name: Pokemon Team Rocket Jessie & James Edition Remake From: Pokemon Fire Red Remake by: Team_Rocket Source – credit: wahackforo.com/t-42722/02-18-pokemon-team-rocket-jessie-and-james-edition Description: You will be James, a member of Team Rocket. With Jessie & Meowth, you will travel from Kanto to Johto and Hoenn in order to do the bad things. You receive the missions from …

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