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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon Bank v1.5
Pokemon Gelb v0.1.6.1
Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0.
Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA English Beta 1.1 English Patched v1.1


Pokemon Evil World

Name: Pokemon Evil World Remake From: Pokemon Emerald Remake by: ????? Description: 具体看最下面的图片。 2:增加了鬼城地图和神秘天洞穴2大地图。嗯,地图内总有些有趣的剧情。。。具体自己研究吧。。。嘻嘻。 3:增加了获得稀有道具的剧情,比如神奇糖果和大师球。神奇糖果需打败小智获得。 大师球帮博士山洞研究打败30级的一个PM即可获得。 4:增加了火岩队抢大师球的有趣剧情,主要是围绕火岩队想用大师球捕捉上古神兽统治世界和阿尔修斯想毁灭这个世界的剧情。 5:增加了陈家4弟妹商人的剧情,每个商人都卖一些稀有的道具,每个售货员都在不同的地方,具体在哪,自己寻找。。。这也是游戏的亮点之一。 6:增加了很多训练师对战的脚本,比如小智对战和红宝石从树对战的剧情。 7:用了漆黑的魅影的地图块。{求漆黑的魅影作者同意} 其实还有很多剧情没有一一介绍,靠玩家自己研究吧。。。 接下来就是一些改版的图了。。。 [Google Translated] Look at the bottom of the picture. 2: increase the ghost town map and mysterious day cave 2 big map. Well, there are always some interesting stories on the map. The …

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Pokemon Mind Crystal

Name: Pokemon Mind Crystal Remake From: Pokemon Soul Silver Remake by: MeroMero (darkalfa1111) Source: pokemontrash.com/club/rom-hacking/(nds)(fr)pokemon-version-mind-crystal Description: The crux of this hack is obviously the inclusion of the Fairy-type at 100%. Most of the changes were done from a technical standpoint. These are the few parts of the storyline that were changed as of now: the …

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Pokemon Sage

Name: Pokemon Sage [Pc Game] Create by: /vp/ Source: capx.wikia.com/wiki/Demo Description: Pokemon Sage takes place in a fictional region called Urobos. Like many official regions in the Pokémon series, Urobos is based on a real-life region: Central and South America. It features a conflict between two villainous teams based on real-life inhabitants of these areas …

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