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Pokemoner Omega Ruby Randomizer help  

Dyllon Timm
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ok so I downloaded it and im running it on citra and having a few issues


first off the starters it gave me weren't random, it was the same from the screenshots and videos. Magby,Mudkip,and omolga. which doesn't feel random if feels selected and called random, and then in the first zone I was running into wurmples and makuhitas, it felt like it got random when I ran into the rival and he had a kakuna as his starter. and then I went to route 103 and saw a yanmega and though ok maybe the start just wasn't working and now all im seeing is yanmegas in route 103. as if just the seeds are changed. im not sure if its intentional or if im doing something wrong but any help would be awesome

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You should know what the randomizer was. It changed all wild encounter and you can catch all pokemon up to gen 6. The Starters are randomized to Magby, Mudkip, and Emolga (not Omolga) and you can get other starters if you actually know the way... It's the same as Pokemon Omega Ruby.