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Pokemon DPS Edition GBA  

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Hi, Pokemoner MrTienDuc sir,

This is a rom hack I am planning to share with you.

Name: Pokemon DPS Edition
Type: GBA
Hack of: Ruby
Language: English
Creator: Joshua82, FlameUmran, g0ast


You're a student and you're going to study in the Primary Poke-School. Explore the school and discover all its secrets. Challenge other students/teachers/janitors and obtain good marks because you'll need them to do the final exam.


  • You're going to school!
  • You can catch wild pokemons only at the beginning
  • Some Pokemon modified
  • Sidequests and good scripts
  • Innovations:
    - Tired of all the hacks which start with a "You have to save the world (and you're 10 years old)" or "You'll explore caves/forests/Blablabla..."??? This is the hack for you! You're going to school!
  • - Enjoy sidequests and good scripts.


Joshua82, FlameUmran, g0ast



Sir, I have a request to you. Could you please kindly, translate the Professor intro into Professor Birch's intro. As you can see I tried my level best to edit the intro but for some reason, it did not work and became sort of glitchy. So, I would be really happy if you can kindly fix his intro to be the same as Professor Birch's, except the name of the Professor being Professor Joseph. Your help will be highly appreciable.


Anyways sir, here is the link of v1.0. I will really appreciate your help in the introduction of this rom hack.


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I created this account because I'm very interested in rom hacking and I kindly, wanted you guys to help me out in my first ever rom hack, Pokemon DPS Edition, which I just uploaded (If you cannot find it, I believe it is in the moderation queue but there is no need to worry as it will be uploaded really soon). I would really appreciate if you can help me with the Professor's intro as it is sort of glitchy. I would be very really happy if you will cooperate and help me in developing this hack, since our leader stated that if we cannot fix the Professor's intro by Thursday 7th November, he might cancel this project. So, hopefully we might expect your help in fixing this intro amidst a few other stuff such as start screen and a new Professor Birch's sprite. I believe it will be fun!

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ok, i will try to test it soon! Thank you for posting!