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Pokemon Angels V5 Update

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Hello @pokemoner-com , we have updated the game to v5. We haven't found any glitches till now, many changes have take place in this v. New areas have been added.

V5 update includes the following important changes:-
▪︎Minor Snorlax event changes.
▪︎Legendary valley is now accessible.
▪︎Pokemon post league tournament can be fully completed from now.
▪︎All the three starters now have a dual type final evolution.
▪︎Poorly league hall conditions applied.
▪︎day/night encounters in some routes.
▪︎Other minor events and accessibilities in main as well as post  game.

Pokemon Angels v5.2 mainly fixes a glitch:
■You no longer need to battle angelian whenever you enter trekkers road 



+The girl getting on the flower pot has also been fixed.

We have also announced v4 two days ago but we forgot to post it. It included the following:

●Gohail gym puzzle changes.

●Able to use any HM outside battle without any badge requirement.

●Gohail and later towns can be accessed


Plz edit the title and Make a video if possible, bcuz we have also added several things jn the starting. Like day/night encounters on route 1.

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I updated it! Keep it up, bro!

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Thank you, maybe this one is final