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May I have some hel...
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May I have some help, Please?  

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Apologies, I've never used 3DS ROMs before, so I'm all a bit lost.

The files I've downloaded for pokemon Y are saving as .exe file (ex: filename: YUCia-pokemonerdotcom.part1_2378103557.exe)

While the files can be extracted, there is nothing within the created folder that can be run in Citra.

Am I missing some middle step or have the wrong links?

Thank you very much for your time.

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First, you posted on the incorrect Category. Second, I don't share any file that look like that. I just share rar and split rar file for pokemon Y CIA. Try to download again, I think you are download split files. It's must be YUCia-pokemonerdotcom.part1.rar! Try to download it again. Thank you!