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Pokemon Master Quest Johto

Name: Pokemon Master Quest Johto Remade from: Pokemon Soul Silver Remade by: Leaky Lou Source – Credit about Pokemon Master Quest Johto: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=406739 Description: This is similar to your typical sideshow hack, except it only covers the Pokemon available in the regional Pokedex. For Johto, this means that it’s a 256 hack. Leaky Loe has …

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Pokemon Soul Silver Fusion

Name: Pokemon Soul Silver Fusion Remake from: Pokemon Suol SIlver version Remake by: Lugre (Ebattle, Kenneth, Nolo and Ochistrikitu) Source – credit: youtube.com/channel/UCf815lfi1XCeLb9jr022Uzw Description: Pokemon Soul Silver Fusion is based on Pokemon Suol SIlver by Lugre (Ebattle, Kenneth, Nolo and Ochistrikitu)! Features: Over 160 mergers (more than any pokémon generation) Screenshots: Gameplay: Download: Download Pokemon …

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