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Pokemon Silver Beta 1997

Name: Pokemon Silver Beta 1997 Developer: Game Freak Publisher: Nintendo, Pokemon Description: On November 15th, 1997, a playable demo of Pokémon Gold and Silver debuted at Space World ’97 for the public. In 1997, Nintendo announced the first details about the then-next generation of Pocket Monsters games, to be titled Pocket Monsters 2: Gold & …

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Pokemon Dark Energy

Name: Pokemon Dark Energy Remake From: Pokemon Silver Remake by: miksy91 Source at miksy91’s channel: Click here! Source at miksy91productions’s page: Click here! Description: You’re a 19-year-old university boy from the Southern Edge of The Capital. The Capital is the biggest city in the world we live in, Suden. The game itself starts surprisingly with …

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Pokemon Ice Silver

Name: Pokemon Ice SilverRemake From: Pokemon SilverRemake by: G0LD Z (Ruki)Description:The story takes place in johto , four years after the events of OPC , johto apparently all live in peace after the threat that marked the return of team rocket , the story this timefocuses on ( PLAYER) , a boy who lives in …

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