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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon Bank v1.5
Pokemon Gelb v0.1.6.1
Pokemon Spirit Crystal v0.
Pokemon Sword and Shield GBA English Beta 1.1 English Patched v1.1

Pokemon Ruby Renev

Name: Pokemon Ruby RenevRemake by: AtecainCorp.Remake from: Pokemon RubyRegion: Hoenn/JohtoDescription:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~STORY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part 1 – HoennYou moved from Olivine Town in Johto to Hoenn region. You have in heart great feeling of start new journey and beat eight new gym Leaders which one of them is your father. But Beware. Team Magma want rise up power of legendary …

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Pokemon HarvestCraft

Name: Pokemon HarvestCraft Remake by: Quil09 Remake from: Pokemon HarvestCraft Region: Hoenn Description: Story21 years ago, Pokemon lived in harmony in the woods. The Pokemons there were ruled by the Pokemon Trevenant. One day, A group of people came and started cutting trees and building houses. There was no left home for the Pokemons. The …

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Pokemon Altair

Name: Pokemon Altair Remake by: AO PROJECT Remake from: Pokemon Ruby Region: ??? Description: The game is setup in a way in which you are always underleveled compared to the Gym Leaders. (If you think grinding can help, GL with that. The wild Pokemon are probably 5-10 levels under you at that point) In addition …

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