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Pokemon Renegade Platinum v1.2
Pokemon Hoenn Adventures Completed

Pokemon Mega Platinum

Name: Pokemon Mega Platinum Remake From: Pokemon Platinum Remake by: POkeRaptor Source: Click here! Description: Same story of Pokémon Platinum, with several Pokémon sprites changed. Characteristics: -Mega Evolution + Fake Megas (Evolves by item, stone or lv, is permanent). -Fakemon – Some 5th, 6th and 7th Gen Pokémon -Pokemon Wild and coaches changed. Srceenshots: Gameplay: …

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Pokemon Paradox Platinum

Name: Pokemon Paradox Platinum Remake From: Pokemon Platinum Remake by: gabrielmr pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=356077 Description: This is a funny platinum mod for you if you like fusion pokemon! The story is exactly the same from Pokemon Platinum! Features Fusion Pokemon Incomplete Screenshot: Gameplay: Download: Download Pokemon Paradox Platinum alpha 1.1 Posted by Pokemoner.com