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Pokemon Prismatic Moon v1.3 Update v1.2

Pokemon Gold EX

Name: Pokemon Gold EX Remake From: Pokemon Gold Remake by: BroRarity. Source: Click here! Description: It was initially planned that the story of this hack would mostly stay the same with some added difficulty and other tidbits here and there as either Easter eggs or bonus content that you wouldn’t find in the original gbc …

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Pokemon Emoras

Name: Pokemon Emoras Remake by: BlacX Team (thsrbduf1) Remake from: Pokemon Gold (Korea) Source: https://blog.naver.com/thsrbduf1/220226484171 Description: This is GBC Rom and based on Pokemon Gold Korea Version. I think It’s a Great Hack with more more feature, new story from a Korean – thsrbduf1. The Latest Version is beta 0.65! Feature: New Story New Pokemons …

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