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Pokemon White Crystal

Name: Pokemon White Crystal Remake From: Pokemon Crystal Remake by: Maniac379. Source: Click here! Description: Major Features ————— -All Wild Pokemon and Trainer levels have been rebalanced -All Gym Leaders/E4/Rival battles updated -All 251 Pokemon have Improved/More Interesting Level-Up Moves -The last 4 moves a Pokemon learn, the ones trainers/wild would have, produce a competitive …

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Polished Crystal

Pokemon Polished Crystal

Name: Pokemon Polished Crystal Remake From: Pokemon Crystal Remake by: Rangi source – credit: pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=373172 Description: Polished Crystal is, as the title says, Crystal version but improved. The storyline is the same—you start in New Bark Town, beat the Johto gyms and the Elite Four, then move on to Kanto and fight Red. Features This …

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