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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 2.5 (Johto Completed)
Pokemon Gold Sinnoh Completed
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.1.7.1
Pokemon Sword Update v1.2.0 + DLCs
Pokemon Shield Update v1.2.0 + DLCs


Pokemon Demon King

Name: Pokemon Demon King – 魔王乱入-口袋妖怪 Created by: 霍尔果斯古趣网络科技有限公司 Source – credit: https://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.tencent.tmgp.xxhy.pokemon Description: Mega super evolution, the elves turned into a high! Orthodox Restoration Pocket Mobile Games “Devil’s Into” Elf Mega form is officially open, and now your elves can gain more powerful power through Mega evolution, as well as new styles, moves and …

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Pixel Monster GO

Name: Pixel Monster GO Created by: Playstar Source – credit: http://www.playstarz.com/ Description: Pixel monsters have been discovered on planet Earth! Look for and catch wonderful pixel monsters around our world! Collect so many fantastic creatures. Build your best pixemon team to fight with other players. Features Augmented reality game! You can catch pixel monsters in …

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Monster Duel

Name: Monster Duel Developer: Monster Duel’s Team Source – credit: https://www.facebook.com/MonsterDuel2019/ Description: This game is Android Game. It’s fused from Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokemon Let’s Eevee, Pokemon Go and Ash Ketchum storyline! Anyway, You can play with your friend because this game is MMO Game! Monster Duel is a unique 3D Strategy game, which …

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