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Pokemon Tyrannosaurus

Name: Pokemon Tyrannosaurus (口袋暴龙) Created by: Wuhan Game Group Technology Co., Ltd. Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/koudaibaolong/ Description: Hello, Welcome back to pokemoner.com and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Tyrannosaurus. It’s A New MMO Pokemon Game from China. But It’s English! The Storyline is similar to the Pokemon Series with alternate events. Well, you …

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Ola Star

Name: Ola Star – 奥拉星 Developer: 广州天梯网络科技有限公司 Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/alx/ Description: Ola Star (奥拉星) is an Online Game on Android. It’s a Chinese Game. A game is based on Pokemon game with Awesome Graphics, Storyline! It’s Fucking Awesome! “Ola Star” is an official genuine mobile game of “Ola Star” that is loved by hundreds …

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Pokemon Elf

Name: Pokemon Elf – 挂机吧小精灵 Developer: 厦门伟榕网络科技有限公司 Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/gjbxjl/ Description: Pokemon Elf (挂机吧小精灵) is an Online Game on Android. It’s a Chinese Game. So this game has a lot of Pokemon and you can equip the item into them. But some Pokemon in this game is a little different from Original Game! “Pokemon …

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