× Update: Pokemon Fire Ash v2.8
Pokemon Renegade Platinum v1.2
Pokemon Hoenn Adventures Completed

Pokemon Crystal Clear

Name: Pokemon Crystal Clear Remake by: Shockslayer Remake from: Pokemon Crystal Discuss on Pokemon Crystal Clear’s topic: click here! Source – Credit on Shockslayer.com Follow Shockslayer at Twitter: click here! Description: Pokemon Crystal Clear is an expansive, open-world Gen II romhack, developed by ShockSlayer. (Not to be confused with a hack of the same name …

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Pokemon Silver Beta 1997

Name: Pokemon Silver Beta 1997 Developer: Game Freak Publisher: Nintendo, Pokemon Description: On November 15th, 1997, a playable demo of Pokémon Gold and Silver debuted at Space World ’97 for the public. In 1997, Nintendo announced the first details about the then-next generation of Pocket Monsters games, to be titled Pocket Monsters 2: Gold & …

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