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Pokemon Brown

Name: Pokemon BrownRemake From: Pokemon RedRemake by: KoolboymanDescription:Pokemon Brown is a classic hack that takes place in the region if Rijon! Features:– Ten Rijon cities, one Johto city and over 20 routes to explore.– Pokedex is now up to 225– Over 40 new moves– TM set has been changed a bit– Seven new types that …

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Pokemon Green

Name: Pokemon Green Developer(s): Game Freak Platforms(s): Gameboy Description: It’s the game that started a revolution, but it’s not just the fad that convinced gamers to “catch ‘em all.” This deceptively simple and child-friendly roleplaying game design is a far deeper game design than it looks. Pokemon features way more strategy and gameplay than it …

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Pokemon Blue

Name: Pokemon Blue Developer(s): Game Freak Platforms(s): Gameboy Description: Nowadays, Pokemon has become a common word among kids worldwide and with its new editions coming consistently with more features; it has become all the more popular. The new Pokemon Red and blue presents a unique blend of training, trading, exploration and battling that is a …

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