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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 2.5 (Johto Completed)
Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition Completed
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.1.7.1
Pokemon Sword Update v1.2.0 + DLCs
Pokemon Shield Update v1.2.0 + DLCs


Pokemon MewYou

Name: Pokemon MewYou Create by: Aki Source: Click here! Description: MewYou is a game where you get to play as Mew! Most of the story involves trying to avoid being captured by humans, but for the most part you get to pick your battles! Being a jam game, it’s pretty short and simple so I’ll …

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Pokemon Derpizard

Name: Pokemon Derpizard Remake From: Pokemon Ruby Remake by: karatekid552. Source: Click here! Description: The idea for POKéMON DERPIZARD was formed during an IRC conversation over at RHO. Basically, we were all throwing around the funny looking sprties that went into the Japensese RED and GREEN versions when the sprite for Charizard came up. Features: …

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Pokemon Virion

Name: Pokemon Virion [PC Game] Create by: Crystal Noel Source: Click here! Description: A stranger plot is afoot in the Fodna Region. The criminal syndicate Cipher has re-emerged after 9 years of inactivity. This time, they’ve got a new trick up their sleeve, a weaponized version of Pokérus, which transforms any infected Pokémon into Shadow …

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