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Update:Pokemon Hyper Emerald v4.4 – Inevitable Version English v1.6
Pokemon Emerald Final v7.34
Pokemon Let's Go, Pikachu v1.02
Pokemon Let's Go, Eevee v1.02

Touhoumon MMW

Name: Touhoumon MMW or Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World Remake by: Aichiya Sanae Based on: Pokemon Ruby Source – credit: https://animackid.wordpress.com/2011/12/07/touhoumon-marisas-magic-world-ver1-30-released/ Description: Touhoumon: Marisa’s Magic World is designed for helping other games to find Bonéka that is hard to find in appropriate game. The game has no Story. Focus on “Catch and Collect.” You can catch …

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Pocket Tour

Name: Pocket Tour – 口袋妖怪复刻:口袋之旅 Created by: 深圳市中顺和盈科技有限公司 Source – credit: https://sj.qq.com/myapp/detail.htm?apkName=com.tencent.tmgp.pocketmon Description: The new version of “Pokemon Replica” “Heartbeat Battle” is coming! The new romantic gameplay, the people who set the life, welcome the golden jade; the new training system tests the temple, enhances the spirit of the elves, and once again picks up …

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Hitmon! Jam

Name: Hitmon! Jam Created by: Rhyden Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/493/#lg=_xfUid-6-1568212300 Description: Have you ever thought to yourself “Man, I wish I could play as a Machamp?” Me neither, but I made a game where you do anyways. In Hitmon! Jam, you’re a Machamp who takes up the Journey of Traditions on Melee Mountain. Your goal …

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