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Update:Pokemon Escape Sun v1.01
Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 2.5 (Johto Completed)
Pokemon FireRed Rocket Edition Completed
Pokemon Gelb++ v0.1.7.1
Pokemon Sword Update v1.2.0 + DLCs
Pokemon Shield Update v1.2.0 + DLCs

Pokemon Marble

Name: Pokemon MarbleRemake From: Pokemon Fire RedRemake by: BaroDescription:Your region now is GARNA and it is in Lowheaven. Everyone in this area knows the adventure of Ran and J.Akira. 20 years after that adventure, a new journey was made by a young trainer – it is you. You need to raise your Pokemon Level up, …

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Pokemon Valor

Name: Pokemon ValorRemake From: Pokemon Fire RedRemake by: PokemonValorDescription:Pokemon Valor takes place in an all new region (currently unnamed, open to suggestions). We wanted to keep the classic Pokemon journey, meaning you need all 8 badges to compete in the Pokemon league. We haven’t included any ground-breaking features or fancy tiles, mostly because we don’t …

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