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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team

Name: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team
Hacked by: Gelius3
Based on: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team
Source Link: Click here
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team by Gelius3! It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team.

It’s a QOL Hack ROM and Harder but some pokemon has new abilities or types! Well, maybe it’s the third version of Pokemon Rescue Team GBA. It’s playable in English! And now, Let’s play!

The result is a Rom Hack with a higher difficulty curve, various quality of life changes, but the same story, with a couple of dungeons renamed and changed. Some Pokemon were updated or even given new ways of being used due to new typings or abilities.


-Most Dungeons change somehow, be it name, scenario, music, name on the second half, Pokemon or even how they function.
-Higher Difficulty Curve (Pokemon in Tiny Woods are at Level 5, Pokemon in Sky Tower have a minimum level of 25. And no Post Game Dungeons will have levels lower than 30, barring a few exceptions.)
-Altered text to reflect on the dungeon’s new names (Except Sky Tower, due to limitations)
-Pokemon who didn’t have a second ability were gifted one, be it their hidden ability, abilities gifted to them in later generations, abilities that resembled those in case of lack of ability, or in case of abilities that resembled such cases, abilities that would benefit them. Some even had completely new abilities.
-Some Pokemon changed Typings. Cases like this are: Fire/Ground Typhlosion, Grass/Fire Sunflora, Water/Steel Blastoise, Rock/Electric Nosepass, and many more.
-Munchlax is recruitable, complete with ability, stats, friend area location and evolution method. However, due to the lack of capabilities, and the fact that Munchlax canonically has no moves in this game, it’s move pool is dummied out. Considering, however, that this is Gen 3, it kinda fits, making it feel like a brand new Pokemon. Munchlax might be a completionist’s trophy.
-In favor of Munchlax being in the same friend area as Snorlax in it’s friend area, Aipom was moved to the Jungle Friend Area.
-Regarding to Friend Areas, all of them got name changes to their DX names, or closer to those names. Additionally, all friend areas are purchasable from the start, with the exception of those you can only obtain via recruiting a Legendary Pokemon and Darkness Ridge, which is still given to you by Absol. Prices were also adjusted to reflect their new availability.
-All Main Story Dungeons will allow you to bring 4 Pokemon. Trust me, you might need it.
-Most items got a palette swap. It adds that extra flair and ease of distinction.
-All Pokemon are recruitable. Long gone are the days of only getting certain Pokemon via evolution. However, it might be best if you still evolve Pokemon, in case you don’t want to miss out on certain moves.
-You may recruit Pokemon in Purity Forest, making it slightly more tolerable. However, it is still the ultimate dungeon.
-There are no version exclusives.
-The “DLC” dungeons Oddity Cave, Marvelous Sea, Fantasy Strait and Remains Island all got differences, and the codes to access them still works.


Release 1:

Some Dungeons change visual aesthetic mid dungeon where they normally wouldn’t. Music too!
Items were assigned a palette swap. This is to help to categorize some items more easily.
Some dungeons have new spawns you have to be on the lookout for. Not every dungeon has them, but most have them, ranging from subtle to big changes.
Some of these spawns are a combination of PMD Red and Blue, and PMD DX.
Re-instated some unused spawns naturally in the game (Nothing like legendaries or game-breaking, obviously).
All version exclusives were removed. You can now find those pesky version exclusives without having to do missions involving the version exclusive.
Munchlax is recruitable, with typing, full stats, evolution method, and ability (however, unfortunately, it’s movepool is dummied out. That’s currently outside Hacking Possibilities. See it as a nice easter egg/trophy).
Friend Areas are purchasable from the start! (Some are only obtainable if a certain Pokemon joins you, still, like Absol or the legendaries)
Aipom was moved out of the Energetic Forest friend area and into the Jungle Friend Area. This was in favor of Munchlax being in the same friend area as Snorlax.
Fully evolved Pokemon can be recruited! Long gone are the days of being unable to recruit those. Of course, it’s still encouraged you to evolve Pokemon over recruiting the evolved form, due to certain level up moves a Pokemon can learn in earlier stages.
Purity Forest was made a tad bit easier (AKA more bearable), but this is still somewhat experimental.
The DLC Dungeons also had its own changes. The codes that usually unlock them still work with this version, so feel free to get them to unlock Oddity Cave, Remains Island, Fantasy Strait, and Marvelous Sea.
The Main Story Dungeons will allow you to take a full team of 4 to the dungeons. Finally, will you be able to complete the main story with your Absol and Magnemite exploring together with you, or whatever squad you got up!
There are Post Game changes.

Release 2 (The Difficulty Patch):

General Difficulty curve ramped up.
A couple of changes to Spawn Tables were made, to slot in more Pokemon and make the dungeons more varied.
Most Post Game Dungeons now rarely go under the level 30 mark, with some dungeons harder than others.
Boss Fights got a level buff in general.
Most Pokemon gained a Second Ability where they didn’t, some swapped some Abilities in and out, and some got type changes.
A sizeable amount of Dungeons changed the name, and some friend areas were updated to their DX names. This also came with Text changes.
The weather was added much earlier on in the game.
A couple of general changes to some dungeons were made.

This lists the Kecleon shops in the Rescue Team games. For my romhack, the
shops don’t have any changes, and as such, appear in the same areas as they
appear in the regular game. As such, this list is valid for both the Red and
Blue Versions, as well as my “third” version, Green Rescue Team. IT DOES NOT

Mt. Blaze (Floor 3+)
Frosty Forest
Magma Cavern (Floors 2-6)
Western Cave (Floors 20-98)
Wish Cave
Pitfall Valley
Northern Range
Desert Region
Wyvern Hill (Floors 4+)
Oddity Cave (Floors 6-10)
Rmeains Island
Joyous Tower
Mt. Faraway (Not all of the floors though, but the Pokemon list is shared with
the layouts with the Kecleon shops anyway)
Purity Forest

Q: Is the game harder than the regular one?
A: Yes, absolutely. While playtesting for the first time, we found the game to actually be harder. Release 1 was moderately harder, but Release 2 now will be rather hard with the difficulty changes we applied.

Q: Have you touched the Post Game?
A: Yes, the Post Game had alterations, namely difficulty. This means the hack is somewhat complete

Q: Wait, “Somewhat complete”? Does this mean there’ll be no updates?
A: While they’re not on the scope right now, new updates aren’t out of question! If PMDe gets updated with new features, I might have an easier time making updates. Currently, editing the Hex Code is so convoluted for me it would take ages for me to fully understand it. Updates based on feedback (for balancing purposes) can happen, but asides from that, Release 2 could very well be the final update.

Q: Have you used the unused Dungeons?
A: As much as I’d want, currently, that’s impossible. The dungeon Count is still the same as the original. Plus, if I wanted to add any dungeon anyway, it’d be Wonderous Sea. Which, like I said, with my current scope, it’s impossible. Same with recreating the Illusory Grotto.

Q: If Munchlax’s in, where’s the rest?
A: Only Munchlax was added because it ALREADY exists in the game files, it just wasn’t complete. Even completing it wasn’t possible currently. Which makes sense, since at the time you didn’t know anything about Munchlax. So it kind of makes senses it has no movepool (though it sucks you can’t really do much with it). I guess relive Gen 3.

Q: Can I edit the hack?
A: While yes, you can, it will not be considered an official update. As such, any edits you do, will not be deemed as official. They could be eventually implemented, but it’s unlikely.

A: Then why did you play it in the first place?

Q: The game doesn’t look like much.
A: Understandable view. I too don’t see it as much. It’s just a small thing I started making for myself. If you enjoy it, then thanks. If it isn’t a big thing for you, the decision accepted. Just don’t be like the sentence mentioned above. That’s not a criticism, that’s just being a jerk.

Q: Do you have a Discord Server?
A: I have Discord, but not a Server. You can find me in Nahnegnal’s Discord Server, The Spinda Cafe Discord Server, and the SkyTemple Discord Server though. Of course, don’t flood the room with questions of my ROM hack, it’s their server after all!

Q: Any particular part you see being difficult?
(Outdated – Release 1) A: While I don’t want to spoiler, I recommend you be on the watch out for Mt. Thunder, Great Canyon, Magma Cavern, and Sky Tower. I think some spike in difficulty could be found there, but I could be ENTIRELY wrong.
(Current) A: Considering I just updated the entire game to ramp up the difficulty, I might just say the entire game. Those before still apply, but surely others like Murky Cave, Frosty Forest, Mt. Freeze, Silver Trench, Mt. Faraway, etc are much much harder than the original.

Q: Do you plan to make a “Yellow Rescue Team” or do something for Blue Rescue Team?
A: No plans for Yellow Rescue Team exist as of now (as there’s already a hack doing that anyways), and currently, there’s not enough to hack in PMD Blue.

Q: The ROM Hack’s too difficult.
A: Yeah that’s exactly what may happen. Even I fear my own creations sometimes.

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Playable in English!



Cheat Codes/Documentations:
Download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team Release 2

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Green Rescue Team Release 2 CIA

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