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Pokemon Altair Minus

Name: Pokemon Altair Minus
Hacked by: sakura sou or Altair Team
Remade by: kisekisifr
Source Link: Click here
Pokemon Altair’s post: Click here
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We will play Pokemon Altair & Sirius Minus by kisekisifr! It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Altair and Sirius.

It’s a Great GBA Hack ROM in Japanese but It’s in English now. Pokemon Altair & Sirius Minus is the easy version of regular versions! It’s completed in English and now, Let’s play!

This is meant to be a difficulty patch that balances the game to be “easier” and more in-line with the difficulty from the main series games.
In general, there are level and moveset adjustments on various important trainers.

The level curve will be more similar to that of Emerald, though trainers encountered later in the game will be at a higher level closer to that of BW2. While it’s still meant to have some semblance of a challenge, they are balanced in a way that you will likely not need to do much additional grinding compared to the regular versions of these games.
To give you an idea on the level curve:
Gym 1: Lv13-16 -> Lv12-15
Gym 2: Lv18-21 -> Lv16-18
Gym 3: Lv23-28 -> Lv20-24
Gym 4: Lv29-34 -> Lv27-31
Gym 5: Lv34-37 -> Lv30-33
Gym 6: Lv40-44 -> Lv37-40
Gym 7: Lv49-51 -> Lv42-45
Gym 8: Lv55-59 -> Lv46-51
Elite 4 + Champion: Lv59-74 -> Lv52-60
Postgame: Lv74-80 -> Lv57-63
Lv100 battles -> Lv80

Features & Notes:
Various locations in the overworld have been cleaned up/tidied
Traversing parts of the region will also be easier

Some very rare wild Pokemon have higher encounter rates in specific areas
Legendary Pokemon will also be easier to catch

Some other adjustments in general throughout the game to reduce the tedium

Dusclops can now evolve into Dusknoir
The method is the same as in Vega, level it up to Lv48

It is now possible to escape from any floor of/Fly from the top of Sky Pillar
It wasn’t possible to use an Escape Rope in certain floors or Fly from the top of Sky Pillar, likely to prevent the player from bailing out of the important battles that happen there. But since the player could just enter a different floor and escape from there, that ended up being somewhat pointless.

The Meteoric Legendary Trio now use their battle theme from Vega!
Some other minor bugs and errors from regular Altair/Sirius were also fixed wherever possible.

A note on link compatibility with regular Altair/Sirius
While these games are link-compatible with regular Altair/Sirius, the way that some Pokemon were adjusted/fixed made it so they’re essentially incompatible with the regular versions. These Pokemon are:

Dusknoir, Ampharos, Scizor, Asphere-Sirius

Asphere-Altair from the Minus versions can be battled/traded with regular Altair, but not with regular Sirius. Asphere-Sirius from regular Sirius will be somewhat incompatible with both Minus versions. Depending on emulator, you might still be able to link up and battle/trade with these Pokemon.
It is recommended that you don’t bring these Pokemon when linking up with regular Altair/Sirius if they are originating from a Minus version save file.

Known bugs:
(Shared with regular Altair/Sirius)
(In Minus, a clearflag command was added to a forced one-time event, giving this issue a soft fix during normal gameplay. Though whether this affects something else in the game is currently unknown.)
Re-entering the Hall of Fame after placing the Emerald in its Sphere Ruins alcove causes it to respawn in the room it was found in and closes up the hole giving access to the later half of the ruins. This means you’ll have to re-do the portion of the dungeon where you pick up and insert the Emerald to re-enter the later half of the ruins.
Viewing the Alto Mare ending also resets the items that appear in Regirock’s ruins. No idea on what is causing this.

This game is a GBA Hack ROM! It’s Completed in English!



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Sirius Minus v20201122 Cheat Code
Download Pokemon Altair Minus v20201122 (Completed)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon Altair Minus v20201122 CIA (Completed)

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