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Pokemon AlteRed

Name: Pokemon AlteRed
Hacked by: Kingfin128
Source: https://antikanto.fandom.com/wiki/Anti_Kanto_Wiki
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/aUau2GR
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. Today, We play Pokemon AlteRed by Kingfin128. It’s a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red. This game is very fun.

It has 411 Alternate forms of Pokemon in this game. It means Charmander has Water-type or Bulbasaur has a Fire-Type. The map is tweaked, the gameplay is more difficult and more. It’s actually playable in English. And now, Let’s play, bro!

There are 411 all-original Alter Form Pokemon in this hack; do you dare to catch them all? – https://antikanto.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Pok%C3%A9mon_by_National_Pok%C3%A9dex_number

The level curve and difficulty has been adjusted to be both more forgiving to the player, but also provide harder fights.

The physical/special split has been implemented! Moves do not display whether they are Physical or Special in their description as of now, but they generally conform to the normal games.

There is a move deleter, move reminder, and name rater on the second floor of every Pokemon Center! The reminder takes Mushrooms as payment… which can be gotten from the Pokemon in the Mushroom Bog, a newly added location.

Indulge in moves from all eight generations, plus even some brand-new moves sprinkled in! Every move in the game can be found in List of Moves. https://antikanto.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_Moves

Ver 1.1: Bugfix update 1
Removed the chance to encounter Mystree in the Tanoby Ruins exterior, which could cause crashes.
Changed Pokemaniac Herman’s team to remove his Ralmighty, which was in his team by mistake. The Pokemon has been replaced by a Sandanice.
Resolved a minor graphical glitch on Route 7.
Slightly tweaked Lady Selphy’s team.
Ver 1.2: Bugfix update 2
Fixed a major oversight in the Decrepit Clinic where the warp tiles were placed one tile too low, thus trapping players in Byoxys’s chamber; if you are playing on a previous version of the game, it is advised that you stay away from the Clinic.
Ver 1.3: Victory Road Update
Victory Road has been revamped with a new look. Various glitches regarding warps not working in Victory Road and other areas have been fixed.
Ver 1.4: Map Tile Fixes + More Update
Region’s Edge has had its Surf tiles fixed, so that you will now be able to surf on the water.
Avalyte and Avaltar, (once Sandanice and Sandasnow) have new appearances, names, and a slightly adjusted moveset.
Oognaut and Wobboogie have new sprites.
Fixed a possible softlock that could occur in Pokemon Tower by moving the ghost encounter to a lower floor.
Updated the held items of major boss teams to include less usage of the Brightpowder item.
Agatha’s Max Revive has been replaced with a Max Potion, as the AI know fuck all about how to use the former.
The area outside of Trainer Tower has been adjusted.
Fixed the odd door physics in the basement of Decrepit Clinic.
The somewhat glitchy weather effect on Route 4 has been removed.
The cloudy weather in Cerulean City has been removed, due to issues with it interacting with the house tiles.
Fixed Route 6 giving you 0x Luxury Balls as a held item.
Ver 1.4.2
Fixed buggy warps in Region’s Edge.
Ver 1.5: BugFixes again
Bug Bite and Poison Jab now have the correct animations.
Cut was buffed to 65 Power, 100% Accuracy. Also has a high crit rate.
Fixed some tilemap issues in Region’s Edge.
Removed an errored Team Rocket Grunt from Silph Co.
Finally updated the Regi’s party icons.

Ver 1.5.1
Fixed the Region’s Edge PokeCenter.
Fixed a wrong warp that was accidentally created in Mushroom Bog.
Ver 1.6: Reusable TMs and Move Tutor Update
Added reusable TMs.
Adjusted the Move Tutor learnsets so they make sense.
Revised Brave Bird’s animation.
Provided a working method to obtain Mandirit, by using a Water Stone on Mandiwhirl.
Ver 1.7: Birbs
Added in the Fantasy Bay as an area to capture the once-unobtainable Legendary Birds.
Tweaked all of the in-game trades to make them more worthwhile;
The Corest for Sparsilisk trade on Route 2 has a Lucky Egg as its held item.
The Fridgeotto for Torchill trade in Cerulean City has a Bright Powder as its held item.
The Meowxie for Thundursa trade in the Underground Path has a King’s Rock as its held item.
The Rustiage for Mawvenus trade in Vermilion City has a Shell Bell as its held item.
The Bolderfree for Sponyx trade in the Underground Path has a Choice Band as its held item.
The Frilazhu for Mechans trade on Route 18 has a Scope Lens as its held item.
All trade Pokemon now have perfect IVs.
Fixed the janky looking tiles on Route 3.
Fixed Boxiran F having Poison Point when it shouldn’t have
Fixed Chilikarp spontaneously losing levels when evolving into Flarados.
Ver 1.7.1
1.7 broke reusable TMs, this update adds them back.
Ver 1.8: Finishing Up
Fixed Ralmighty’s broken moveset. On all previous versions of the game, leveling up Ralmighty WILL crash the game.
Added Iron Head in as a LVL 1 move for Mecharbok.
Three Isle Path’s postgame area has a slightly different layout.
Fixed glitchy tiles and collision in Routes 6, 9, 10, and elsewhere.
Added in a special hidden item to Pallet Town.
Fixed Cutabra spontaneously gaining levels when evolving into Shinigazam.
Fixed a few Pokedex typos.

Ver 1.9: Starter of the End
The Kanto and Johto starters have new spritesets, and the Alter Meganium line has new names.
Bushlash has a new sprite.
Snotodile renamed to Snowtodile to avoid mispronounciation.
Marowarior renamed to Bladowak to avoid the character limitations.
Taurice has an actual shiny now.
Goomgar’s party sprite has a second frame of animation that used to be missing.
Changed movesets of the Vulcasaur, Sealizard, Grasstoise, Targanium, Typhactory, Frostigatr, Dronmega lines.
Buckern and Bucketta are now Water/Steel type Pokemon.
Super Glitch has been changed since it did not work correctly previously. It is now a single-use, 250 POW move that can freeze, burn, or paralyze.
Soul Steal now works as intended.
Fixed Pixinite line’s gender ratio, now correctly 87% female
Fixed 33V33 spontaneously gaining levels upon evolving into Insecteon, and solved a similar issue with evolving Dichu.
Route 6 has a brand new layout.
Editted encounter tables for Routes 1 and 22.
Fixed a softlocking issue on Cycling Road that had to do with getting trapped after surfing.
Replaced the Region’s Edge and Victory Road glitchy Nurses with a different AI that shouldn’t crash shit.
Fixed minor tile issues in Region’s Edge… yet again.
Ver 1.9.1
All Mystree have their own sprites now.
Evolution levels changed for Fridgeotto > Fridgeot (45) and Fargan’c > Sirgan’c (36).
Changed Buryta line’s moveset slightly, namely making Bonemerang a later level move and giving it Hex as a level 1 move instead.
Ver 1.9.2
Fixed some invisible walls on Route 2 and Route 6.

Current Known Bugs
Mewzero will not obey commands due to a quirk in the game’s programming.
The Town Map has not been properly updated to include the new areas; Flying from those locations is not advised.
The moves Ice Fang and Ice Shard are able to be used in the field unintentionally.
The graphics on the pause menu are slightly garbled, but the text can still be read. Marked as low priority.
Similarly, the Pokedex can be very finicky; it is advised to save before perusing it.
The NPC Cue Ball Paxton will crash the game if battled; his fight has been removed, but be aware of any fuckery upon arriving at Three Island.

This game is a GBA Hack ROM. It’s Playable in English! It will be updated in the future!



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon AlteRed Cheat Code
Download Pokemon AlteRed v1.9.2 (Completed)

—-CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below—-

Download Pokemon AlteRed v1.9.2 CIA (Completed)

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