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Pokemon Aventuras en Kanto

Name: Pokemon Aventuras en Kanto
Created by: PandaInDaGame
PandaInDaGame’s twitter: https://twitter.com/CristiaNaniano
Source Link: https://newpokeliberty.blogspot.com/2020/08/pokemon-aventuras-en-kanto.html
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Aventuras en Kanto by PandaInDaGame! It’s a Fan-made Game and you can play on PC or Android through Joiplay.

How to play Pokemon RPGXP Game (Fan-made Game) on Android: https://youtu.be/7nyMMQe_5Ps
Fix lag on Joiplay v1.01.61: https://youtu.be/TIs45XsgNWM

The story is writing about Lillie left Alola. She will go to Kanto and find Bill who can help her mom. It’s a short trip where you don’t have Poke Ball. Anyway, Let’s play. It’s completed in Spanish!

Kanto, that great known to the whole world! Do you remember the end of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon (USUM doesn’t exist, okay?). Lylia left Alola, embarking on a cruise to go to Kanto. Your intentions? First try to find Bill, because in principle she is the only one who could help her mother. And second, trying to be more determined and courageous, go on a journey by herself, and this was a perfect excuse to fulfill her goals!

A short trip through the Kanto region, you will start in Carmine City!
Old and new acquaintances.
Attempt to recreate a Kanto 20 years after the events of Blue / Red / Yellow / Fire Red / Leaf Green.
You must recruit the Pokémon from your team, since … You will not have Balls until you are a trainer! Officially speaking, of course …

V1.2 (08/16/2020): Fixed a couple of bugs that occurred as a result of changing Pokémon Centers.
V1.1 (08/15/2020): Changed the interior of Pokémon Centers, Shop, and Route Transitions. Improved lighting effects at night.

This game is an RPGXP Game. It’s Completed in Spanish.



Download Pokemon Aventuras en Kanto v1.2 (Completed)

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