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Pokemon Radical Red

Name: Pokemon Radical Red
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: soupercell and koala4
Source Link: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=10181443
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/aK7MVzE
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I'm Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Radical Red. It's Feature Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Fire Red by soupercell and koala4.

Oh well, It's the same as all Feature Hack ROMs I posted. It has a lot of feature such as moves up to gen 8, including some moves from Isle of Armor DLC, Mega Evolution, Fairy Type, PSS System, Abilities up to Gen 8, Pokemon up to Gen 7, Trainer AI is smarter, and more and more... And now, Let's play because it's playable.

Physical/Special split + Fairy Typing
All Pokémon up to Gen 7 obtainable, including Melmetal (with some exceptions, see further down)
Moves up to Gen 8, including some of the Isle of Armor DLC moves!
Updated Pokémon sprites
Mega Evolution
Abilities up to Gen 8
Important battle items up to Gen 8
Raised level cap to 250, although this won't be super relevant until post-game is added
Reusable TMs
Expanded TM list
Additional move tutors
EV Training Gear
Ability popups during battle
Gen 8 Exp Share
Hidden Abilities
Day and Night
DexNav, which allows you to search for Pokemon with hidden abilities and other neat things!
Even faster turbo speed (!!!)
Abilities like Magma Armor have field effects like recent Gens
Destiny Knot, Everstone have updated breeding mechanics
... and more!

Additional Features
Much higher difficulty
Bosses have max IVs with proper EV spreads (barring the early bosses), along with optimized movesets/hold items
Improved AI
Battle style forced to Set
Can't access bag against Gym Leaders and other select bosses
Similar to Pokemon Clover, there is a soft level cap based on the next boss battle. Many "challenge" hacks can easily be beaten by simply spamming turbo boost and over leveling. This prevents you from doing so, instead of allowing you to reevaluate your team and strategy to defeat bosses.
Bosses near the end will randomly choose between 1 of 3 teams
Elite Four Members each have a Legendary
Gym Leaders have access to Mega Evolution before you do
Some optional side bosses will have their levels scale according to your team
Johto Gym Leaders as additional side bosses(Some mandatory, but mostly optional)
Brendan as an additional Rival
Archer and Ariana present as Admins
Thief/Magician won't steal from trainers
An additional Team Rocket event right before the 8th gym
No need for teaching HMs(Or Dig!)
My own curated buffs to a lot of deserving Pokémon, including Megas!
May include type changes, stat changes, ability changes, an additional learn sets
Brand new abilities (Some taken from Clover, others exclusive to this game)
A revamped Game Corner
No more coins/Coin Case, just exchange with regular Pokecoins
Sells pseudo legends for a steep price, with options to upgrade to Shiny
Sells even more TMs
IV grade and colored natures on Summary Screen
An IV perfecter in Celadon for a very steep price
EV checker/reducer in Saffron
An ability swapper also in Saffron, along with an option to swap to Hidden Ability in exchange for an item
EV training areas with its corresponding EV training gear
Move relearner moved to Cerulean
Move tutor that teaches Egg moves
Additional Legendaries obtainable before the Elite Four:
Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, Keldeo.
Roamers: Raikou, Suicune, Entei, Landorus, Thundurus, Tornadus, Latios, Latias, Victini, Meloetta
Gym leaders may ask for rematches or side quests for their Mega Stones and other rewards
Daycare south of Cerulean now can hold two Pokemon allowing for earlier breeding
... and more!

A couple of notes...
Z moves are NOT in this game
On the opposite side of the spectrum, Gems are not implemented as they're a little too irrelevant. It's a nerf to the move Acrobatics as well as Unburden Pokemon
Furthermore, the Plates and Memories haven't been implemented due to my laziness, so Arceus and Silvally will not be available at any stage of this game

Emulators this won't work on: mGBA,OpenEmu, doesn't appear to work on 3DS either
Tested to work with: VBA, VBA-M, MyBoy
I would suggest playing with VBA or VBA-M. Please remember to enable Real Time Clock and to set save type to Flash 128K before playing.
Any other emulator not tested has not been tested so try to avoid them if you can.
Please patch to Fire Red Squirrels!
Some random cool things you can do thanks to CFRU:
Press Start in the bag to sort items
Use L to toggle Auto Run
Select multiple key items!
Press L on a move you're using in battle to check its info

Known Bugs
Freezes can happen randomly, although its extremely rare. And I will stress randomly. It’s only happened to me twice in my two playthroughs, and my testers have on average faced two in a single full playthrough. Just make sure to save often; for me it’s happened twice when opening the bag.
For whatever reason, the options page leads to a freeze... For the time being, the options menu simply does nothing and exits the start menu instead. However, text speed has been set to Fast by default, and Battle Style was going to be forced to Set anyway. This is mainly a big bummer if you like to turn off Battle Anims and of course box style customization; I'm really sorry about this...
Boss AI can act really stupid from time to time
A lot of new DLC moves have placeholder animations atm
If you select a shiny option from the Game Corner but you dont have enough money for it, you will get rejected like normal. However, if you immediately talk to him again and try to buy a Pokemon without the shiny option, he will act as if you chose the shiny option. If this happens, leaving the room and coming back should fix this.

Johto Gym Leaders & Archer don't have their corresponding Overworld yet
Can't get Floette Eternal's Hidden Ability from Game Corner (it sucks anyways so I cba to fix this lol)
A lot of inconsistent de-capitilizations
There isn't an option to give a nickname when receiving my scripted gift Pokemon, and it won't give you a notification of it being sent to a box if your party is full either. This was out of laziness.
The weird pink blob on the summary screen (you can see it in the screenshots)
Twave person in Silph Co doesn’t face you
Brendan rival battle in Vermillion has inconsistent font color
Part of mortys dialogue is cut off
Part of Lt Surges losing dialogue in rematch is cut off
Can't get Floette Eternal's Hidden Ability from Game Corner (it sucks anyways so I cba to fix this lol)
There isn't an option to give a nickname when receiving my scripted gift Pokemon, and it won't give you a notification of it being sent to a box if your party is full either. This was out of laziness.
New berries have jumbled numbers D:
Sitrus Berry description inaccurate
Weakness berries have bad descriptions
Farfetch'd Stick hasn't been updated to reflect the new change yet (Now boosts speed by 1.5x on top of boosting crit ratio)

1.11a Bug fix:
Fixed not being able to get Trick Room TM and some other poop
Fixed the new TM/HM compatibility not being reflected in 1.11
Fixed some raid battle rewards
Fixed small bug with the Double Battle guy in Fuschia
Can now view what version you're on when looking at the text in Options.

Move changes:
Smokescreen, Sand Attack, Flash, Mudslap no longer lower accuracy
(Smokescreen, sand attack, Flash lower attack instead)'
Mud Slap 20 BP -> 40 BP
Night Daze: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. BP 85->95, Acc 95->100
Muddy Water: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. Has 40% chance to lower Attack one stage.
Mud Bomb: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. Accuracy 85->100
Mirror Shot: No longer has chance to lower accuracy. Accuracy 85->100
Octazooka: no longer has chance to lower accuracy. BP 65->90, Accuracy 85->100, 100% chance to lower Speed one stage.
Leaf Tornado: no longer has chance to lower accuracy. Accuracy 95->100

Added Honchkrow learns Superpower at Level 75

Removed Octazooka from Horsea as Egg Move

Fixed Mudkip kid giving Mudkip before defeating him
Fixed Dusk Ball having a 0 catch rate when used outside of caves/nighttime
Fixed being able to use the bag against Champion Gary
Added locations for Bonsly, Minccino
Fixed Gourgeist not having Flare Boost
Fixed Meltan/Melmetal having Lycanroc learnset
Fixed Sage Power not performing Struggle when locked into a move that ended up with 0 PP

Slight increase in Erika's difficulty
Tweaked Giovanni's final boss team

Next to Nurse Joy in every Pokemon Center is an assistant who can change natures for you for $500!
(Doesn't have every nature, but pretty much all of the essential ones. Currently buggy with Minior,
but none of yall using that trash)

Raid battles is in its testing phase, only a couple available right now.
Only available in: Route 4, Mt Moon, Cerulean Cave, Victory Road.
More will be available in the next update.

Pokemon caught in Raid Battles will have Hidden Ability, except for Legendaries.
To get Dynamax Ring on an already progressed save file:
Go to Pewter City and walk towards Route 3 to trigger an event that gives you the Dynamax Ring.

New Pokeball: Dream Ball - Has 3x Multiplier on Pokemon that are asleep, 1x elsewise. Pokemon caught will have Hidden Ability.
Can be bought for 5000 in Cinnabar Labs, there's one drop in Celadon City as well. Has placeholder picture atm.

NPC in Fuchshia City can turn on wild double battles for even faster EV training.
BUG: If you only have one Pokemon, a ? will appear as your partner for the wild Double Battles, although
this does not seem to cause a freeze of any sorts. Just be wary.

Decapitalized town names
Drifloon has chance to hold Air Balloon
Raid battles + Dynamax Ring (Can only Dmax in Raid battles currently)
Removed need for incense to breed for Munchlax/Happiny/Bonsly etc
Added Audinos to Victory Road
Upgraded bonus Dusk Ball multiplier from 3x to 3.5x
Type Null has a rare chance of being found in Cerulean Cave with Catch Rate of 5.
NPC in Cinnabar can change Silvally typing for you.
Added TM112 Trick Room, can be found in Route 12
Added TM63 Venoshock, can be found in Route 6

Removed Baton Pass from the game
Removed Double Team/Minimize from the game
Removed Sheer Cold/Guillotine/Fissure from the game
- Sheer Cold replaced with Ice Beam in all Level Up Learnsets
- Guillotine replaced with Slash in all Level Up Learnsets

Rivalry: Removed doing less damage if they're different gender (Now does 1x if they're not target gender, 1.25x if they're the same)
Illusion: 1.3x damage boost when in Illusion mode as Zoroark
Flare Boost: Now takes no damage from burn on top of its original effect
Toxic Boost: Now takes no damage from poison on top of its original effect

Silvally RKS Memory->Battle Armor
Does NOT need to hold a memory to change typing(Silvally memory doesnt exist in this game)!
NPC in Cinnabar can change typing for you.
Silvally of any type can now hold items (!!)
Multi Attack typing will depend on Silvally's typing rather than memory.
Parabolic Charge 65 BP -> 75 BP
Revelation Dance 90 BP -> 100 BP
Milotic Defense 79->84, Speed 81->86
Zubat/Golbat/Crobat Ability 2: Sniper
Mr Mime learns Moonblast at Level 58, Psycho Boost at Level 66
Lapras learns Dragon Pulse at Level 50 instead of Sheer Cold
Kinger learns Aqua Jet at Level 1, Ice Punch from Move Tutor
Articuno learns Aura Sphere from move tutor
Ledian learns First Impression at Level 55
Armaldo learns First Impression at Level 66
Shiftry learns Sucker Punch at Level 1
Masquerain learns Hurricane from Move Tutor
Garchomp can learn HM Fly (just for HM purposes lol)
Farfetched can learn TM Brick Break
Sunflora learns Fiery Dance at Level 60
Espeon learns Fiery Dance at level 65
Garbodor can learn TM Poison Jab
Farfetchd learns Sacred Sword at Level 60 instead of 68

Reduced Punk Rock boost from 1.3x to 1.2x
Hitmonchan Attack 125->115
Reverted Bellossom to vanilla stats
Blaziken Attack 120->110, SpA 110->120
Mega Blaziken Attack 160->130, SpA 130->160
Mega Salamence Attack 145->135
Mega Lucario Attack 145->135
Castform all base 90 stats->85
Removed Spore from Comfey as Egg Move
Aqua Fang BP 90->85
Leek Stick gives Farfetch'd +1 crit rate instead of +2

Possible Raid Bosses:
Route 4:
(Electrike), Pansear, Pansage, Panpour, Mankey
Common drops: ITEM_ETHER
Ultra rare: ITEM_LUCKY_EGG,

Mt Moon:
(Swinub), (Magnemite), Nosepass, Tympole, Mawile
Common drops: ITEM_ETHER

Cerulean Cave:
5 star: (7-8 gym badges or beat the elite four)
Buzzwole, Xurkitree, Stakataka, Guzzlord, Nihilego, Celesteela
Common drops: ITEM_BIG_NUGGET,
Uncommon drops: ITEM_PP_UP, ITEM_PP_MAX

6 star (after beating elite four)

Blacephalon, Kartana, Poipole, Pheromosa

Victory Road:
5 star: (7-8 gym badges or beat the elite four)
Registeel, Regice, Regirock, Necrozma, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit
Common drops: ITEM_BIG_NUGGET,
Uncommon drops: ITEM_PP_UP, ITEM_PP_MAX

6 star (after beating elite four)
Jirachi, Cresselia, Shaymin, Mew, Volcanion, Hoopa, Zeraora
Common drops: ITEM_BIG_NUGGET,
Uncommon drops: ITEM_PP_UP, ITEM_PP_MAX

I get a warning about real time clock not being enabled. I can't save in-game. Day/night cycle isn't working. What to do?
Make sure your emulator has Real Time Clock (RTC) enabled. Also, save type HAS to be set to flash 128K. If you started playing without this, you will have to start over. Delete your save file, make sure your emulator is set up correctly and ONLY THEN open the rom. If you did everything correctly, there shouldn't be a warning about RTC not being enabled anymore.

What about HM moves? Do I need HM slave(s)?
No, HM moves have been reworked, you no longer need to teach it to your Pokémon to progress the game. All you need is the corresponding badge and the HM in your bag.

Where is the move relearner?
The move relearner is in Cerulean City, he wants shrooms in return.

Is there an EV checker/EV subtracter? Is there a way to change Pokémon's ability?
Yes, there are nerds in Saffron City's fan club house.

Where is the name rater?
The name rater is in Lavender Town, same as in vanilla FR/LG.

Where is the happiness checker guy?
Happiness checker guy is in Cerulean City, replacing the Barry Master guy from vanilla FR/LG. In the house next to him is also a guy that can groom your Pokemon to increase their happiness.
Are Sevii Islands available?
As of now, the game ends after becoming the Champion. Sevii Islands are currently not part of the game.

How does the EXP. Share work?
It's gen 8 EXP. Share. The EXP from battles is distributed amongst ALL of your party Pokemon even if some of them did not participate in the battle. You receive it early on, before the 1st gym battle. The EXP. Share is NOT in your bag and it can't be turned off, the game has been balanced around it in terms of opposing trainer's levels.

My Pokemon get almost no experience from battles? Is my game broken???
If your Pokemon gets reduced amount of experience, it means it hit a level cap before the next important battle (gym leaders, Team Rocket boss, E4 etc.). When you beat the next important battle, the level cap will increase again.

The game is too hard! Make it easier!
The point of this hack was to make it hard and challenging in a reasonable way, not just increasing level curve like crazy. If it's too hard for you, then this hack is probably not for you.

I found a bug, what to do?
First, check #known-bugs to see if that bug isn't already known. If it isn't there, report the bug in #bugreports , if possible, provide screenshots and videos and be as detailed as possible.

Where can I restore fossil Pokémon?
Same as in vanilla FRLG, Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Lab.

How do I transform the three forces of nature Pokémon to their alternate forms?
Talk to a scientist in Cinnabar Island's Pokémon Lab.
Is there an egg tutor?
Yes, he is located in Fuchsia City. He wants Heart Scales in return.

Are there any other move tutors?

What are the chances of finding a pokemon with hidden ability using dex nav?
the odds of finding hidden ability is 5% at search level 10, 15% at search level 25, 20% at search level 50, 23% at search level 100

How do I mega evolve?
You get Mega Ring after finishing the Silph Co. event, right before Sabrina. If you have the proper mega stone equipped, you can mega evolve your Pokémon during battle by pressing the select button before selecting a move.

How do I update the game to a newer version without having to start over?
Save your current progress using the in-game save (not save state!) in a safe place. (a Pokémon Center for example)
Close the game and delete the patched .gba file. (or better, move it to a different folder in case you mess this up)
Patch the new version .ups onto a CLEAN fire red rom again (1636 squirrels).
Place the newly patched .gba game into the same folder where your previous version was. Make sure the name of your game and save file is the same.
Open the newly patched .gba and load your save.

Where do I find Mega Stones for my starter Pokémon?
Go to the building that connects Cycling Road and Celadon City, and talk to the aid upstairs.


This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It's Beta and maybe it can be updated in the future. But it's playable so I will add it to Completed Category!



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Download Pokemon Radical Red v1.11a (20200824) (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Radical Red v1.11a (20200824) CIA (Completed)

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