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Pokemon Allworld GBC

Name: Pokemon Allworld GBC
Remake from: Pokemon Crystal
Remake by: Ebernacher90
Source Link: https://www.pokemoner.com/forum/your-post/pokemon-allworld-gbc-version
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I'm Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon All World GBC by Ebernacher90. I actually posted Pokemon All World RPGXP Version in Pokemoner.com in 2018.

But now, It's a GBC Version. It's based on Pokemon Crystal. You will start at the Red House in Kanto. You will complete Kanto, come to Johto, and more region in the future. It's just an early version in English. And now, Let's check it out!

It's pokecrystal16 from ax6 and in this Hack, the Pokédex is expanded to 292 yet (more comes in future the sprites takes a time"

You started in Red's House 2F in PalletTown, you get Pikachu as Starter it will behave the same Story like yellow but with all other generations also with Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh .....

When You arrive Johto it will be in the same year like yellow also 3 years before original G/S/C Story

First Gym Leader in Johto will be Falks Father, Second Gym Leader is Kurt, 5 Gym Leader becomes a smaller Sprite because in Orginal GS the wife says he is a little bigger so he needs to train.

Jasmin will be Have Ampahros instead of Steekix because in this year of RBY no steel type research but still included.
The Elite Four is in the Silver Mountain wherein Orignal GS Ash is.
Because the Silver Mountain should be dangerous in the original GS Story.
After Johto, you should arrive in Hoenn but this is not in this Version.

This is Version Alpha 0.0.2!
The game is an early WIP Stage so you can't get far but it's still on delivering.

Pokedex expanded to 292
Added Viridian Forest and the South and North Gate of the Forest

New Version, playable to the first badge.


This game is a GBC Hack Rom in English. It's Beta and progressing now!



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Allworld GBC Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Allworld GBC v0. (Beta)

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Download Pokemon Allworld GBC v0. CIA (Beta)

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