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Pokemon Turquoise

Pokemon Let's Go Lugia
Name: Pokemon Turquoise
Hacked by: Tropical Sunlight
Fixed and completed by: hacksrepairman
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=165214
hacksrepairman’s Blog: hacksrepairman.blogspot.com/
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Turquoise. It’s an Old GBA Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Fire Red by Tropical Sunlight! It’s incomplete but now. This game is coming back. Thanks, hacksrepairman.

He is bringing back this game. Now, we can play up to Elite Four in this game. More bugs are fixed and improved. You can catch a lot of fakemon in this game. Well, I played beta 1.2 fixed builds 1472020 when I made this video. It’s in English. And now, let’s play!

GIOVANNI: I shouldn’t have let MARIO run TEAM ROCKET while I’m gone… He’s going to ruin everything! I have to get back to FLOREM, quickly!

And then you wake up. You go downstairs and your mom tells you your PokeTicket has finally arrived. YES! You can get your very own Pokemon now. Let’s rush to Prof. Mango’s lab, which, incidentally in your hometown. (xD)As soon as you get outside, your friend from town tells you there have been some strange Pokemon cries near Harmony River west of your hometown, Tripletwig Town. Get ready to play the hack!

– Play as Jack or Lucia (the hero & heroine)
– New Rocket Leader
– New leading Pokemon… Wujifin!
– Underwater is back!
– New maps
– New scripts
– New enemies and rivals
– Thrilling gameplay

Fixed Version:
This fixed patch is a bit different from the other patches here. He has added some story elements since the story of this hack seems to be much more predictable than most hacks and there are so many unused things left in the hack. The truth is, this patch could have been even more faithful to the creator’s ideas than how it is now, but sadly, all the pictures about the future Beta 2 the creator posted were gone, and there’s no way He can find them again. So it is not possible to replicate the original idea of the creator, but still, the maps up to Yellowhite City were made by the creator, so those maps should be faithful to the creator’s idea.

He has fixed these things:
1.The person events which may make you turn into them.
2. Talking to a man in the first town makes the game freeze.
3. The messed up Pokedex, according to the creator’s idea, there was supposed to be only 151 Pokemon in the Pokedex, but the creator decided to make more Pokemon available, so He has expanded the Florem Pokedex to make more than 200 kinds of Pokemon available in this hack.
4.The unfinished maps and unfinished sprites.
I have added these things:
1. The rest of the maps weren’t finished.
2.Some events about Team Rocket.
3.The OWs/Sprites of Gym Leaders/Elite Four except for the first two gym leaders.
4.The world map, which is not so faithful to the creator’s idea since the world map from the original creator can’t be found anymore.
5.All the players’ sprites.
6.The title screen.
7.The icons for the fakemon.

Changelogs Fixed Version:
Changelog 14/7/2020:
Fixed Blastream’s base stats, icons and movepool.
Fixed the glitch which may allow you to reach Emerald Swamp before you finish the final event.

Changelog 14/6/2020:
1. Now you must finish the Mystic Island event to access Emerald Swamp, in the previous patch, you only need to get the 7th badge.
2. The Shiny Stone’s price was fixed.

Changelog 1/6/2020:
Honchkrow’s wrong TM/HM list and Chimecho’s pokedex entry.
The glitchy item event in Western Harmony River.
Daniel may use a Revive during battle.
Some wrong tile movements.

Changelog 13/5/2020:
Riolu and Togepi are now catchable in the Safari Zone, Meditite now can be caught on Route 141.

Changelog 9/5/2020:
Fixed many Pokemon’s types, base stats and movepool.
Exp. Share and Lucky Egg are obtainable now.
Added Goliastone and Exegglent, they can evolve from Gravler and Exeggutor by using Dawn Stone and Shiny Stone. The sprite of Goliastone was made by me since there’s no way I can find the creator’s original sprite.

Changelog 28/5/2020:
Fixed the bad egg glitch

Changelog 3/5/2020:
Fixed the starters’ level-up rate.
Fixed the Makuhita event in Marblegrave Town.
Fixed some messed up border tiles.
Fixed some move permission errors.
Fixed the glitch which made Suicune not catchable.
Celebi is catchable now.

Changelog second 22/4/2020:
Fixed a minor glitch in Premium City Gym.
Several pokemon like Onix which could only evolve by trade should be able to evolve in alternative methods now,

Changelog 22/4/2020:
Fixed the warp errors in Safari Zone.
Fixed some tile errors.
Itemfinder is obtainable now.

Changelog 11/4/2020:
The following glitches were fixed:
Some Pokemon can’t evolve.
Some minor glitches.

Changelog 10/4/2020:
The following glitches were fixed:
The glitched tree on Route 139.
The rival event on Route 137 resets.

Changelog 8/4/2020:
The following glitches were fixed:
1. You might be able to jump on the ponds in some caves and you can’t use surf on them.
2. Some movement errors.
3. The broken berry tree in Dracoville Town.

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It’s coming completed.

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Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Turquoise Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Turquoise Beta 1.2 Fixed Builds 14072020 (Completed)

—CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—

Download Pokemon Turquoise Beta 1.2 Fixed Builds 14072020 CIA (Completed)
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