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Pokemon Pure Crystal – Heart Gold Edition

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Name: Pokemon Pure Crystal – Heart Gold Edition
Hacked by: Suaqua
Based on: Pokemon Heart Gold
Source – credit: https://projectpokemon.org/home/forums/topic/8546-pokemon-pure-crystal/
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I’m Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Pure Crystal – Heart Gold Edition by Suaqua. It’s an NDS Hack Rom where you can catch more new pokemon up to Gen 4.

The wild pokemon has a high level, all trainers are harder, Pichu can learn some special moves, no trade evolution in-game, a rival has a different starter from a different generation and more tweak in this game. Well, it’s completed in English, And now, Let’s play

higher-level wild pokemon
new pokemon scattered throughout the game
no more weak wild pokemon in Kanto
some level up move edits
no need to trade for evolutions
rt. 34 now has wild baby pokemon running around
increased trainer difficulty

Pichu can learn some special moves…
rival now have different starter pokemon from different generations as well as brand new teams created to match them
some pokemon now have secondary types (shinx, starly, magby, elekid) among others

p.s. this is much harder than the original game especially the gym leaders and rival battles

edit 1: new beta is up this one has 300 trainer and all gym leaders and elite 4 completed
edit 2:beta 4 is now up with all encounters finished and 550+ trainers edited
edit 3: ok I fixed all of the problems and the fully edited v1 is now up enjoy!
edit 4: ok so there is a glitch with level-up moves on edited pokemon (known on magmortar and electivire) so if you see them learn a move they cant learn, is a TM or is of a different type ignore it

This game is an NDS Hack Rom in English. It’s Completed.

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Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Pure Crystal – Heart Gold Edition – Urscheat.dat for Drastic
Pokemon Pure Crystal – Heart Gold Edition Cheat Codes
Download Pokemon Pure Crystal – Heart Gold Edition v1 (Completed)
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