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Name: Pokemon Let's Go Mimikyu
Created by: Snooper16
Source - credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=424373
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I'm Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Let's Go Mimikyu by Snooper16. It's the RPGXP Game, and you can play on PC or Android. Your starter is Shiny Mimikyu.

The story is Pokemon Let's go Pikachu, and you can have Neo Kanto Dex, custom shiny forms, new dungeons, Pokemon Let's Go Background Music, New Type, new characters and more. It's just beta, but It's playable now. And now, Let's play!

Let's Go Mimikyu, as the title implies, is a game starring you and your Mimikyu! Note that the Mimikyu is always shiny, so you can focus on getting good IVs. As a starting project, it's meant to experiment with Pokemon Essentials's capabilities, as well as serve as my "ideal" Kanto remake (i.e. the missed opportunities Game Freak didn't take).

Shiny Mimikyu Starter (with a Special Move not learnable anywhere else)!
Expanded "Neo Kanto" Dex (to include pre-evos and evolutions of Kanto Pokemon, plus lots of extras)!
Custom Shinies!
Post-Game Battle Frontier (Battle Tower implemented)!
New Dungeons (unlocked through story progression)!
Start with Running Shoes/Pokegear.
Custom Music Player (select a track in the Pokegear and have it play everywhere; select [Default] to return to the original game's soundtrack)!
HM items are now converted to Key Items.
New Type: Light-Type! One Gym has been converted to such accordingly with a new Gym Leader.
New Gym lineups!
Fight Team Rocket with their proper theme (remix from Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon).
Rival gets a new theme (pre-champion battles).
Featuring the Let's Go OST!
Extra Trainer choices! Introducing new player characters Jacob (M) and Alice (F)!
New Characters! Lillie, Khessi

Lillie - A travelling trainer who has come to Kanto from Alola. She specializes in Light-type Pokémon, but can adapt to other types without much trouble. Initially, you find her in Vermilion City, with a certain Pokemon she doesn't know how to take care of. Her reasons for coming to Kanto are not known, but it seems she seeks to better herself as a whole by taking on many trainers across the world to build her confidence.

Khessi - The ruthless boss of the Kanto Branch of Team Rocket. Her Pokémon are as diabolical and versatile as she is. A calculating mind, she carefully schemes to take control of Kanto in the name of Team Rocket, one systematic plot by one. Despite her cunning tendencies, it appears she's not the de-facto boss of Team Rocket, however.

New and updated evolution methods!
Kadabra -> Alakazam = Level 35
Machoke -> Machamp = Level 35
Haunter -> Gengar = Level 35
Luvdisc -> Alomomola = Level 44
Tauros -> Bouffalant = Level 44
Eevee -> Leafeon = Leaf Stone
Eevee -> Glaceon = Ice Stone
Eevee -> Sylveon = Shiny Stone
Magneton -> Magnezone = Level @ Power Plant
Nosepass -> Probopass = Level @ Power Plant
Ponyta -> Rapidflash = Fire Stone
Porygon2 -> Porygon-DX = Deluxe Disc
Cosmoem -> Solgaleo = Lv53+ at Day
Cosmoem -> Lunala = Lv53+ at Night

New Pokémon!
Flalite - Normal/Fairy, which can evolve into one or two of the following:
Rinova - Light/Fairy (with Dawn Stone)
Doomise - Dark/Fairy (with Dusk Stone)
Felinice - Ice/Elecric
Rapidflash - Fire (with Levitate)
Rinrin - Normal/Light
Porygon-DX - Normal
Animon - Normal

Type Changes to accommodate for the new type!
Flash Cannon is now Light-Type. Other moves will gradually convert to Light-type as seen fit.
Jigglypuff line = Normal/Light
Clefairy line = Fairy/Light
Chinchou line = Light/Water
Necrozma = Light (Default), Light/Steel (Solgaleo), Light/Ghost (Lunala), Light/Dragon (Ultra)

Other Type Changes:
Psyduck/Golduck = Water/Psychic

Change Necrozma's and Zygarde's forms by using "Essences" found in Kanto! There are five essences available in-game:
Solar (Dusk Mane), Lunar (Dawn Wings), Star (Ultra) for Necrozma, and Incomplete (10%) and Cell (Complete) for Zygarde.

New Difficulty Modes!
EX - Raises opponent trainers' Pokemon levels a bit to increase challenge.
DX - Same as EX, but can also add one or two random Pokemon to the trainers' team (based on base stat totals).

The Light-Type:
It is weak to Dark and Grass, and is resistant against Ghost, Fairy, and other Light-types.
It is super-effective against Ghost and Dark, and is resisted by Light and Grass.

List of claimed Legendaries:
Groudon - Snooper16
Articuno - In-Game
Zapdos - In-Game
Moltres - In-Game
Mewtwo - In-Game
Mew - Event
Volcanion - In-Game
Heatran - Reserved (?)
Giratina - In-Game
Zygarde - In-Game
Cosmog - In-Game
Cosmoem - In-Game
Solgaleo - In-Game
Lunala - In-Game
Necrozma - In-Game
Marshadow - In-Game
Zeraora - Reserved (?)

A Shiny Meltan event is now available! End date is currently undetermined. Pick it up after unlocking Mystery Gift.
1. Go to the Pokemart in Viridian City (you can do this while delivering the parcel at the start of the game), and fill out the application on the counter.
2. Save your game, once the prompt saying you unlocked Mystery Gift disappears.
3. Go to Mystery Gift on the File Select menu.
4. Congratulations! You now have your own Shiny Meltan to raise alongside your other Pokémon!

A new Mew Event is now active to celebrate the the new release! Follow the same process as above to obtain it.

v0.5 - Initial Release

v0.6 - Added Metadata for Pokedex Nests (will need to be redone with a new region map once we have it).
Defined missing Trainers near Seafoam Islands.
Implemented the Lift Key event.
Decapitalized and corrected map names.
Added Trainers to Waterwell Springs.
Corrected Mystery Gift URL. Should be working now.
Deleted unnecessary files within the game's root folder.

Updated in-game trades in compliance with the Neo Kanto Dex.
Fixed a warp error in the Celadon Mansion's rooftop.
Removed a test warp in the League's PokeCenter.
Corrected Fab Mail to Flame Mail (as Fab Mail doesn't exist).
Corrected a bug in the Magikarp Salesman event in Route 4's PokeCenter where he doesn't give Magikarp even after paying.
Corrected an error with the entry event in Pewter Museum.

Fixed a bug in the E4 if you lose and get stuck in an invisible barrier when returning.
Decapitalized unnecessary caps.
Corrected a bug in the Magikarp Salesman event where he didn't take the payment even after getting Magikarp.
Changed Khessi's dialogue.

Introducing Mass Outbreaks! Some Pokemon in the Neo Kanto Dex can only be found through this method. There are 25 different outbreaks. Refreshes every 24hrs, and can be checked in the Fan Club in Saffron City.
Fixed some events that broke due to decapping. Let me know if I missed any!
Fixed Giratina/Necrozma's forms crashing the game upon going to the summary screen.
Fixed a continuity mistake with Lillie if you decide not to obtain Cosmog. You now MUST obtain Cosmog before challenging the 7th Gym.
Did a minor touch-up on Khessi's uncloaked sprite.
Fixed the bridge movement permissions in Vermilion Harbor.
Corrected transfers at the S.S. Anne's Dock.
Added a new (but small) post-game area! Shady Island.

[Probably Irrelevant Changes]
Removed incomplete Galar Pokemon evolution lines until further notice.
Removed some betamon due to redundancy.
Gave Zacian/Zamazenta placeholders for their backsprites.

Upped Framerate to 40.
Updated Gossifleur's evo requirement to Lv20.
Added preliminary data for Eternatus.
Fixed a Team Rocket Grunt's dialogue and appearance in the Rocket Hideout.
Fixed an event with Connor in the Saffron Fan Club.
Fixed Itemfinder event bug.
Fixed Gambler Stan (oops!) and Young Couple Gia & Jes.
Fixed Picnicker Kelsey on Route 25.
Added Magmarizer/Protector in the first dark area of Waterwell Springs.
Added Fairy to Mime Jr. and Light to the Clefairy/Clefable.
Fixed Self Switch error on one of the Rod Givers.
Removed VS Seeker NPC.
Modified S.S. Anne guard's events, and moved TM44 to Lavender Tower 2F.
Fixed E4 events. Should be working properly now.
Added E4 rematch teams.
Updated Pacosh's Pokedex entry to something of a meme.
Added SM02, Light Blast.
Began work on implementing the Battle Rush. So far, only the lobby is implemented. Still unaccessible.

Added Day Care NPCs on Route 5. Breeding is now available!
Changed title from the accented e to a normal e for compatibility. You will have to start over if you already have a save, unfortunately.
Updated Mystery Gift URL.

[More Irrelevant Changes]
Updated graphics for Zacian/Zamazenta/Eternatus. Eternatus now has a backsprite.

[NEW FEATURE]: Following Pokemon! You may need to start on a new save to see this take effect properly. If there's any problems relating to the script's events, let me know!
Added missing metadata for the Pokemon League, and put new backgrounds for each battle there.
Fixed the then-broken Waterwell Springs tileset.
Made a separate tileset specifically for water currents. Used in Seafoam Islands B4F and B5F.
Moved SM02 from B2F of the Waterwell Springs to Lillie in Saffron City's Trainer Fan Club. Updated her dialogue and scripting to reflect this change.
Extended interactions with Me Hoy Minoy and Li'l Oshy in the Saffron City Trainer Fan Club.
Added an Electirizer giver in Vermilion City's construction site.
Added a Deluxe Disc giver in Silph Co.'s 11F.
Corrected the item Light Plate's capitalization error in its display name.
Added the ability to use your PC Storage from your home in Pallet Town as well (for convenience).

This game is an RPGXP Game in English. It's Beta but it's playable now!
Back-up is the link from Pokemoner.com

Pokemon Let's Beat Mew

Download Pokemon Let's Go Mimikyu v1.2 (Official Link - Beta)

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Download Pokemon Let's Go Mimikyu v1.2 (Beta)
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