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Pokemon Let's Beat Mew

Pokemon Fire Ash
Name: Pokemon Let's Beat Mew
Hacked by: Ken Mahim
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source - credit: https://afly.pro/OFYVD
Hello, Welcome back to Pokemoner.com, and I'm Pokemoner. We will play Pokemon Let's Beat Mew. It's GBA Hack Rom and based on Pokemon Fire Red by Ken Mahim. This game is the first hack rom from him! This game doesn't change anything on the storyline.

You can have new starters. The encounter location is changed. And a lot of features the creator said. But I'm not sure about all those features. I actually received this game from Ken Mahim! Anyway, He will make a FAQ for his game. I will post it on my website soon. And now, Let's play, bro!

Story: You have to beat the champion and the champion have mew...

1. Improved outdoor graphics
2. Mega evolutions form(not all)
3. New attacks of 4th and 5th generation
4. New object
5. New Pokémon Summary Screen
6. A pair of FireRed hacks based loosely on the Switch games.

This game is a GBA Hack Rom in English. It's completed!

Pokemon Let's Beat Mew

Download Pokemon Let's Beat Mew (Completed)

-----CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below-------

Download Pokemon Let's Beat Mew CIA (Completed)
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