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Togepi’s Great Adventure

Name: Togepi’s Great Adventure
Platform: Pokémon mini
Welcome back to Pokemoner.com and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, We will play Togepi’s Great Adventure. It’s a game for Pokemon Mini. Well, You actually knew Pokemon Mini because I posted a game of this kind.

This game is similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but you are Togepi and try to go out of a tower with a lot of traps! This game has only released in Japan but we have an English Translated Version for this game so you can play! Don’t worry. And now, Let’s go!

Togepi’s Great Adventure is a small adventure game. While on a journey, Togepi gets taken away by a wild Fearow to its nest on top of a tower. While walking away from the nest, Togepi trips on a stone and starts to roll down some stairs, which is where the adventure begins

It’s a Pokemon Mini Rom. It’s an original game from Pokemon Company!



Togepi’s Great Adventure (Japan)
Togepi’s Great Adventure (English Translated)

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