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Pokemon Emerald Omniverse

Name: Pokemon Emerald Omniverse
Remade by: aleZgamerXD
Remade from: Pokemon Emerald
AleZgamerXD's youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjEfwHnrvUM
Welcome back, and I'm POKEMONER from Pokemoner.com. This channel is the official channel of pokemoner.com. Today, we will play Pokemon Emerald Omniverse! It's a GBA Hack ROM and based on Pokemon Emerald by aleZgamerXD!

In this video, I'm playing Pokemon Emerald Omniverse v2 English Patch v1, translated by pokemoner.com. It's translated All moves into English. Well, this game added a lot of Ben-10 monsters. That's a unique feature of this game. The story is the same as Pokemon Emerald. Pokemon Emerald Omniverse v2 is completed. Thanks, aleZgamerXD, for hacking this game. And now, Let's go!

It's a GBA Rom in English and little Spanish. It's completed! You can download English patch v1 to play with all English moves.



Cheat Codes:
Pokemon Emerald Cheat code
Pokemon Emerald Omniverse v2 English v1 (Completed)

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse v2 (Official Link - Completed)

--CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Below--

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse v2 English v1 CIA (Completed)

Pokemon Emerald Omniverse v2 CIA (Completed)

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