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Pokemon The Camry Legend 2

Name: Pokemon The Camry Legend 2
Created by: Gator Gamer
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=424623
Hello, Welcome back to pokemoner.com and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, we will play Pokemon Camry Legend 2. It’s a fan-made Game on PC by Gator Gamer! Well, If you actually know Pokemon Camry Legend, so you will love this game. Alola Form is available with some moves and abilities from gen 8. Quest System, Player titles, Move Master and more features… This game has a new story and I think you know it! Just a little problem is graphics from Pokemon Fire Red. But If you don’t care about it so It’s good to play. And now, Let’s go!

New and Returning Features
Alolan Forms now no longer take up their own space. I really worked hard on making this work the best it could. Hopefully this makes things look a bit better!
Some Gen. 8 moves and Abilities are in. No Sword or Shield Pokémon yet, but I’ll add them in a big update soon as they are available!
The new Pokémon Box System, a feature in Pokémon Let’s Go and Sword and Shield, makes an appearance here! Access the Pokémon Storage System anywhere, any time!
You can now skip text quickly by pressing the “Esc” key! Just don’t skip through some important event! If you get lost, check the new Quest Log!
The type chart is modified to be that of Gen. 6, somehow I’ve skipped that every time. Now, Ghost- and Dark-type moves will affect Steel-types with normal effectiveness.
New optional areas for the Camry region, because I wanted to it be less linear.
HM items had to be removed due to game-breaking bugs that rose up. So, TM field moves make a return. They can still be forgotten as usual, however.
The Camry Help Line no longer exists. However! The new Quest System, available immediately after starting the game, and pulling up the main menu, should help players if they’re lost!
Mach Pizza returns again, and now sells six slices at a time, cost is $1,200 in-store, $1,500 by phone. Each slice heals 20 health. The price lowers if you buy from them 15 times!
The Move Master is back. He still can be called to relearn or delete moves anytime, but will tell the player what Hidden Power type a Pokémon has.
All moves work correctly (excluding Gen. 8, so far) – mostly Gen. 6 and Gen. 7 moves.
You can no longer run from certain wild battles to prevent cheating. (Yes, I caught that.)
Player titles are greatly expanded. They are obtained as the game progresses. To change them, head to any PC in any Pokémon Center and log into your Trainers’ own PC.
Rockruff and Lycanroc finally make their appearance, after being a bit buggy in my older games.
Oricorio also finally makes its appearance! Change its appearance by using Nectar!
Type: Null and Silvally are now available! Use Silvally’s RKS System Ability to your heart’s content!
The Dulyn region now has its own food, Seamar Stew, available in Seamar City from an old lady. It’s based on Irish stew, because the Dulyn region takes inspiration from Ireland.
Wimpod and Golisopod’s Abilities work correctly now. Everyone loves Emergency Exit and Wimp Out, right?
Rare Candy now works like that in Sword and Shield – it’ll evolve a Pokémon if it’s ready to evolve if it’s at level 100.
I added some TV shows. Why? Just to add something extra to the game. Some may help you with things you may not have known!
You can now slide on ice in the overworld.

A quick bugfix. One big fix.
– Fixed Cave of Haiku’s bug once again. I have NO idea how that happened again, honestly.

It’s an RPGXP Game and Completed. It’s English!



Download Pokemon The Camry Legend 2 v1.1 (Official Link)

—Back-up link below—

Download Pokemon The Camry Legend 2 v1.1 (Completed)

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