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Pokemon Mega Chechu 4

Name: Pokemon Mega Chechu 4
Remade from: Pokemon Ruby
Facebook’s Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/HACK-ROM-CHECHU-2027263144164732/
Facebook’s Fanpage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8fzvpiI6pN_HWWsToJvZig
Hello, Welcome back to pokemoner.com and I’m Pokemoner.com. Today, We will play Pokemon Mega Chechu 4 by HACK ROM CHECHU! In this game, you can catch a lot of characters from anime, pokemon up to gen 8, yugioh, digimon, fakemon, dragon ball, detective pikachu… You can catch more alternate form in this game. It’s actually a fun and fun feature hack rom. It’s completed with Spanish because HACK ROM CHECHU is Spaniard! And now, Let’s go!

In this pokemon ruby hack, you can capture all kinds of characters, anime, Pokemon, Yugioh, Digimon, etc. The game is complete. As the first one came out of me, I wanted to reazer from zero. The game is in English but the vast majority of main dialogs are in Spanish. I added new appearances like Detective Pikachu of the video, a Mewtwo with the armor that comes out on pokemon go, a fire Kyogre, water and fire Blastoise, a Deoxys black. And two fights
New one near the league and another in the tower of Rayquaza.

It’s a GBA Hack Rom. It’s Spanish!



Pokemon Pokemon Mega Chechu 4 (Completed)

–CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS Hacked–

Pokemon Pokemon Mega Chechu 4 CIA (Completed)

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