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Touhou Cannonball

Name: Touhou Cannonball
Create by: Quatro A - Aniplex.Inc
Source - credit: https://touhoucannonball.com/
Hello, Welcome back to pokemoner.com and I'm Pokemoner. Today, We will play Touhou Cannonball. Hmm maybe it isn't a Pokemon game but maybe you actually follow my channel more times so You can see some Touhoumon games, pokemon ROM hack. So Touhou Cannonball is a Japanese MMO Game for Android and iOS. It's a fan-made Touhou Project board game developed by Aniplex. I don't know more about Touhou but I saw a lot of girls in Touhou so ... yeah yeah :)) I love it. And now, Let's Relax and kill the time with this game. Let's go!

Back-up link is the game I used when I was making gameplay. I will update it in the future!

It’s an MMO Game on Android. It's Japanese!


Download Touhou Cannonball (Official Link)

--- Back-up links below---

Download Touhou Cannonball (Back-up Link)

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