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Pokemon NEVER Black & White

Name: Pokemon NEVER Black and White
Remake by: SkOria (Joel Ricci)
Source – credit: https://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=129650
So This game is Pokemon NEVER Black and White. I actually received a request from a pokemoner’s member about an old black and white hack rom. So, I updated this game. It’s updated a long time, maybe 2008 with a new storyline, new characters, new events, a new region, more and more. Anyway, It’s just beta 1 and never update in the future. Well well, someone will try to complain..

(No, you haven’t to rescue your girlfriend of Dalkiamon, or something like that…)
Well, basically everything in the story is a big mystery.

New graphics (3D style)
New world… NEVERMIND
New characters (Some friends, some rivals, and unknown people behind of you)
New events
Mysteries and riddles
A developed story before the first generation (POKéMON R/B) around 1980

It’s GBA and Beta. It’s English!



Download Pokemon NEVER Black and White Beta 1 (Beta)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon NEVER Black and White Beta 1 CIA (Beta)

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