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Pokemon Gailardia

Name: Pokemon Gailardia
Mod by: GHS_CJ
Mod from: Gailardia
Source - credit: https://unofficialmodapps.blogspot.com/2019/10/gailardia-androidoffline-mod-byghscj05.html
Hello, Welcome back to pokemoner.com and I'm Pokemoner. Today, I come back and play Pokemon Gailardia! It's an Offline Game on Android. It's based on Gailardia and modding by GHS_CJ. So well, It's similar to Gailardia, an RPG Game same as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest Old Version. But It's edited and added Pokemon into this game, The Character is Ash and more characters from Pokemon World. So, if you want to find an Offline Game with pokemon. Maybe you can play this game. Thanks GHS_CJ for modding this game. Have fun!

If medieval and royalty RPG are your thing, then this will be a considerably enjoyable experience for you. It also includes an item completion feature and other fun elements to keep you entertained!

The English version was created from the original Japanese version, so no balance changes have been made.

Hence, leveling up and gold acquisition efforts may require a effort and time.

It’s an Offline Game on Android. It's Completed with English!



Download Pokemon Gailardia v1.5 (Completed)

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