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Pokemon Baby Native

Name: Pokemon Baby Native (宝贝原生)
Created by: 北京指尖异想科技有限责任公司
Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/baobeiyuansheng/
Pokemon Baby Native (宝贝原生) is Online Game on Android. It’s a Chinese Game. So this game actually has a new way to play. The Storyline is similar to Ash’s Story. Well, A little different but I feel it’s good. You can have Mega Form and Equipment items for your pokemon!

The original story is purely deductive, revisiting childhood memories; 205 original attributes, hundreds of classic original elves, and more super-evolutionary mega form! Innovative copy adventure, oversized map unlock, real strategy competition! Champions League, the challenge of the pavilion, the global trainers gathered, who can get the medal of honor, come and compete!

The APK version is the version Pokemoner.com used to make the video. It won’t be updated. If you want to download the latest version, you should download it at Official link from 9game.

It’s Online Game on Android. It’s Chinese!



Download Pokemon Baby Native (Official link from 9game)
Download Pokemon Baby Native (APK – backup from Pokemoner.com)

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