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Ola Star

Name: Ola Star – 奥拉星
Developer: 广州天梯网络科技有限公司
Source – credit: http://www.9game.cn/alx/
Ola Star (奥拉星) is an Online Game on Android. It’s a Chinese Game. A game is based on Pokemon game with Awesome Graphics, Storyline! It’s Fucking Awesome!

“Ola Star” is an official genuine mobile game of “Ola Star” that is loved by hundreds of millions of players. It was carefully built by the original classmates for 2 years. On the basis of preserving the original collection, cultivation and fighting of Abi, the world explores the long universe and the vast expanse of stars. Nearly one hundred Abby presents a youthful, bloody new brand with a new 3D attitude. Ola World.

APK Version: The Version Pokemoner used when Pokemoner made gameplay!

Developer: Guangzhou Tianti Network Technology Co., Ltd. (广州天梯网络科技有限公司)

It’s an Android Game and Online. It’s Chinese!



Download Ola Star (From 9game)

—Download APK Version—
Download Ola Star APK (Back Up – I don’t updated it in the future)

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