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Pokemon Purple

Name: Pokemon Purple
Remake by: Pedro purple (ABJOPE)
Source – credit: https://pokemonpurple.wixsite.com/hackportugues/inicio
Our father was a detective in the Great City of PIREDO, he worked in a police station that stiffly fought the fearsome TEAM GARLANDER, but in one fight he was eventually murdered by one of the key team members, called LEPES, when the police station caught fire, after this episode the protagonist fearing the worst moved to quiet SKY CITY, where lives a great scholar PROFESSOR JOEL who also has a child our age, after helping him offers us three Pokémon MAGBY, ELEKID and SMOOCHUM. So our journey begins across two untapped continents facing a variety of challenges, strong coaches and various dangers.

-New region
-New graphics
-New history
4th, 5th, 6th, 7th generation Pokémon
-Mega Pokémon
-58 new strokes
-New team
-19 gyms *
* 8 Purple Continent, 8 Purple Continent and 3 extras
* 5 fighting dojos (similar to gyms where you win a prize)
– 3 Pokémon Leagues *
* 1 Purple Continent, 1 Purple Continent, and Time Machine
-World Tournament (19 randomly drawn coaches)
Characters that are references to anime, cartoons, movies and real characters
-Heavy Pokémon Events
-100% in Portuguese

It’s GBA Rom and completed. It’s Portuguese – English!



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Download Pokemon Purple v1.2 (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Purple v1.2 CIA (Completed)

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