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Pokemon Moga

Name: Pokemon Moga
Created by: MikaZ
Translated by: Pokemoner.com
Source – credit: http://www.pokemontrash.com/club/rom-hacking/(gba)(fr)pokemon-version-moga/
The story focuses mainly on the Rocket team. Giovanni being untraceable it is his brother who takes the reins, a man named Krys, he aims to find and avenge his brother of the humiliation he suffered. For this he will try to steal a mysterious energy called “Shine”, and for that he is ready for anything.
The region has no name but is inspired by Kanto and Johto.
You start your adventure in a small village called Bourg Joli and will have the choice of starter between Aquali, Pyroli and Voltali.

English Version is translated: Moves, Abilities, Natures, Type! It’s translated by Pokemoner.com!

For more info, see the doc below: Pokémon Modified Moga
(For those who do not know well, there are small tabs at the bottom to change pages)

This game is Completed. It’s GBA Rom!



Download Pokemon Moga t1.0 Fix 2 English Patched v1 (Completed)
Download Pokemon Moga t1.0 Fix 2 (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon Moga t1.0 Fix 2 English Patched v1 CIA (Completed)
Download Pokemon Moga t1.0 Fix 2 CIA (Completed)

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