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Pokemon Distortion Black

Name: Pokemon Distortion Black
Remake by: Nex
Based on: Pokemon Fire Red
Source – credit: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-31731/pokemon-distortion-black-demo-released-new-screenshots-26-3-15-a
You are 14 years old and you get up from a bad nightmare. Today, you will receive your first pokemon from Prof. Brick after leaving your home.
After you received your Pokemon, Prof. Bricks dise that is busy and has to go, you should go see him in his laboratory. When you get to the lab, a scientist says he is not there.

What happend to him? Where did he go? It was kidnapped?
After that you navigate to a cave on the next route. You see a mysterious man jumping on a ledge and going to the exit of the cave, and some men with a “C” written on their shirts are following him … You also try to follow the man and you arrive at the next city . You want to go to the gym, but the same men with the “C” in the shirt are running outside the gym! You talk to the leader and the designer that they stole his pokemon! What happens next? Who are they? Where are you now? It is your mission to discover!

graphics -new
-pokemons from other regions -new
optional areas

This game is Demo (Beta) with English. It’s GBA Rom!



Download Pokemon Distortion Black Demo (Beta)

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Download Pokemon Distortion Black Demo CIA (Beta)

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