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Pokemon Blossom

Name: Pokemon Blossom
Remake by: javcdark
Based on: Pokemon Ruby
Source – credit: https://whackahack.com/foro/t-48577/pokemon-blossom-31-07-18-rom-liberada

“Every story in the Pokémon world always talks about the same thing; pokemon trainers who go in search of glory, be the champions of their respective regions, end the plans of the bad guys in progress, capture all the pokemon and become the best .

there are many such stories, some more interesting than others or even some stories vengaza by his tragic past but there is always something interesting in these stories.

for my part, I am only one person dedicated to journalism simply comes to expose his story but … what is interesting about the story of a journalist like me? ”

This is the story of [PLAYER], a young man who has just gotten his first job as a journalist, his mission is simple, conducting interviews and small reports, but what happens when his research instinct makes him discover hidden information? “from the rulers of the Zingo region?

What does the future hold after this discovery?

This game is project and uncomplete. It’s just beta!



Download Pokemon Blossom (07/31/18 – Beta)
–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–
Download Pokemon Blossom CIA (07/31/18 – Beta)

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