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Pokemon Red Origins

Name: Pokemon Red Origins
Remake from: Pokemon Red
Remake by: Yushi56
Source – credit: http://www.pokemontrash.com/club/rom-hacking/(gbarf)-rouge-feu-2/?PHPSESSID=sv2b95dk65cn8g4vmnaggodnt5
The idea comes from the fact that He likes to play Red Fire / Emerald but He finds these games very ugly and so He does not want to play xD!
This hack from, therefore, aims to upgrade the graphics, as you can see on the screens.
He chose to stay on a style “very GBA” because this kind of graphics has a lot of charm, He thinks.

Also, the R / B / E / RF / VF versions have many “faults” (in his opinion) at the gameplay level and so He corrected them.
Thus it is possible to have all the CT’s in as many copies as you wish, to finish the Pokédex (Regional for the moment, it misses the legendaries of the other Generations even if some were implanted, and some pokémons “classics”

Feature – New Changes
-Re-coloration of our character to be in the colors of Red Minis-films: Pokémon Origins
-Update statistics of Pokémon (Some received buffs over generations)
-New Pokémon (no Fakemon)
-The 4G evolutions of Pokémon 1,2,3G (Fortforêve does not evolve in magireve, but gains its statistics and some attacks.)
-Coatox, Lucario, Carchacrok, Heatran and their under-evolutions
-Mygavolt, Golemastoc, Trioxhydrous, Pyrax , Crocorible, Pyrax, Demeteros and their sub-evolutions
-Banshitrouye, Kravarech, Rexillius and their sub-evolutions
-Marshadow and Ossatueur d’Alola and their under evolutions

-Update talents of several Pokémon
To sum up: Pokémons earn their hidden talents when it’s available or 3G has an equivalent. For example, Voltali gets a second thematic talent, so Voltali gets the talent Statik instead of Pied Véloce

-The Pokémon exclusive to Leaf Green Pokémon are catchable at the same place provided in the latter.
-The Pokémon evolving by exchange, evolves from now on by happiness / by level / with the help of stone.
-Pokémons only available in donations or by exchange (like M.Mime or Excelangue) are savagely captured. (except Tygnon, Kicklee for now!)
-It is possible to capture the Pokémon safari park in the wild.
-Evoli evolves in Mentali with a Sun stone, and in Noctali with a Moon Stone
-Some areas were redone
-Some sprites of Pokémon that I found ugly were replaced!
-The battle screens have been changed
-Several interfaces have been changed

More difficulties!
-Some trainers will be stronger than usual (the second Board 4 in particular)
-A small Nerf experience that will make you a little less high level quickly!

So this game is Feature Hack and based on Pokemon Fire Red French Version. hmm Anyway, It’s completed with English and French!



Download Pokemon Red Origins 3.9 (Completed)

–Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS—–

Download Pokemon Red Origins 3.9 CIA (Completed)

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