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Pokemon Fates

Name: Pokemon Fates
Created by: KidFates
Source – credit: https://www.facebook.com/pkmnfates/
Gea, the Benevolent Goddess flees from her world to deliver the Desideratum to the new bearers, in turn, they start their own adventures, each one led by their motives will meet friends during their adventure, forming their travel groups, in some moment the Goddess and the children of destiny will collide their paths to join forces or separate in different paths, the 3 protagonists looking for a solution to the same conflict but from different perspectives.
The Gods, humans and other races will live an adventure full of obstacles to overcome with teamwork and a story of overcoming is hidden in each protagonist.

General features:
Use of Artworks
Multi characters
Structured puzzles
Original music.
Variable history
Boss 2 vs 1
3 points for the same story.


Download Pokemon Fates Alpha 2 (Beta)

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