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Pokemon Chronicles: Keldeo

Name: Pokemon Chronicles: Keldeo
Created by: Evan
Source – credit: https://reliccastle.com/threads/144/
The basis of the challenge was that you were given a random legendary (and one week!) to build a very short “dungeon” and “story” for, and that was the extent of the requirements. I was very excited–it would be cool to make a lava dungeon for Entei, or a Steel mine for Registeel, or even a Sky tower for Thundurus.

You’ve been traveling with Eusine, an eclectic collector, for a very long time! He’s hunting down the mythical SUICUNE, and his most recent hunt has brought him to a frigid island which is said to house a four legged water beast…[/tab]
[tab=Features]- A quick 30 minute experience with fun storytelling
– An ice puzzle!
– Lovely Gen 2 Graphics



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