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Pokemon Black (GB)

Name: Pokemon Black
Remake from: Pokemon Red
Remake by: Ax461 (tested by triumph)
Source - credit: https://hax.iimarckus.org/topic/6877/
This hack wasn't intended to encourage people to harm or kill another people, not even encourages suicide.
It's just a horror game like any other out there. We made it for the love to the original creepypasta and for fun.

●Game Opening like Original Creepypasta.
●Lavender Town's GHOST as a playable Pokémon, automatically added to Party after Starter Select Event.
●CURSE move for GHOST on Pokémons and Trainers.
●Pokéballs disappear result of CURSE.
●New Type ??? for GHOST.
●GHOST cannot be removed from Pokémon Party.
●Distorted cries.
●Tombstones of cursed trainers in all maps.
●"Many Years Later..." and other changes post Elite4.
●Final cutscene/battle with GHOST.



Download Pokemon Black v0.06 (Completed)

--Download CIA Version for Nintendo 3DS-----

Download Pokemon Black v0.06 CIA (Completed)

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