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Pokemon Amazing Cortana

Name: Pokemon Amazing Cortana
Remake from: Pokemon Fire Red
Remake by: Anzu Blue
Source – credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ir3MyfVjpzE
This game is Features Hack and based on Pokemon Fire Red by Anzu Blue! In This Game, You can have more starters and some Galar Form. So you will receive Exp. Share when you start. It’s similar to Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu…. and more and more feature below!

– All Mega Evolutions
– New Exterior Graphics
– All Existing Pokémon
– All forms Alola
– New attacks
– Inclusion of the fairy type
– Division of Physical, Special category.
– Updated Pokémon Icons and Sprites
– BW style menu background
– Updated Battle Funds
– Deal Exp. Soon / Moon
– Removed Remember
– Mega Evolution System
– New Objects
– New Evolutionary methods
– New HP bars
– Experience capturing
– run indoors
– You can get all the initial Pokémon.
– MT infinite and without quantity
– Redesigned Pokédex
– Battle Tex Bix Changed.
– Star Box menu changed
– Dialog Text Box Changed
– Original shouts of the new Pokémon.
– New areas to explore
– New Pokémon Sumary Screen
– Slightly improved difficulty
– Repellent B2 / W2
– Sports from the beginning
– Fakemon Aggregates.
– New Medals
-Base statistics on the second page of the dex
– National Pokédex from the beginning.
– Show Sprite when finding an Object on the Map
– Galar Pokémon Available



Download Pokemon Amazing Cortana v1.0 Fixed (Completed)

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Download Pokemon Amazing Cortana v1.0 Fixed CIA (Completed)

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