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Pixel Monster GO

Name: Pixel Monster GO
Created by: Playstar
Source - credit: http://www.playstarz.com/
Pixel monsters have been discovered on planet Earth! Look for and catch wonderful pixel monsters around our world! Collect so many fantastic creatures. Build your best pixemon team to fight with other players.

Augmented reality game! You can catch pixel monsters in the real world!
Over 50 kinds of terrific monsters for you to collect! (We will continue to discover new pixel monsters)
Pixemon competition:properly arranging tactics,the weak defeats the strong.
More kinds of monsters and game modes will coming soon!

New features: Ladder Tournament:
With more than three monsters can participate
Daily rewards, weekly rewards, and higher levels for better rewards!
Legend ranking, precious monsters are waiting for you!

This game is Online Game for Android and iOS!



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